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3v3 Empyrean Update Focused Feedback

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3v3 Tag mode has some of the biggest changes in the 6/19 update.  Removed from all daily challenges, it is only available M/W/Fri at the following times

  • 18:00-21:00 Server time
  • 8pm- 11pm EST
  • 5pm- 8pm PST


Would you like the window to be on different days? Is it too short/long, or ends too early?

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I think all days being weekdays is not the best idea.  Swap or add at least one to Sat or Sunday, perhaps with slightly extended hours for the weekend day.   Enable/increase frenzy or base point gains.  With the extreme limited queue window, reducing ranking deduction for losses (closer to clan 6's but not quite so drastic), or setting the threshold for rewards to 1400 like 6v6 f11 rankings, would go a nice ways to making 3's more appealing to casual style players or people not previously interested in 3's.  Something exciting/nice to lure people away from all the other exciting things going on at this prime playtime.

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