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A lot of time consumed to run BnS, at least 5 mins


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I doubt its my cpu prob, cause my laptop was purposely for gaming, i7-9750h and gtx1650. Run triple A titles without difficulties, but met big trouble while running bns. It's either not responding or straight let me wait 5-7 mins just to let me in. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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Make sure to have BNS installed on an SSD card, can save several minutes to start the game.


Try BNS buddy to start the game, it skips the file check every time you start (but it will not patch your game if a patch comes and can cause problems then)


for me it takes about 3 minutes to start the game and get back into it.

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Same for me, I have a good PC for gaming, and I've chronometred the time it takes to log in BnS, since I click on the app in my desktop, until I can move my character in game.

It first takes 3 minutes, then I put my PIN, I click on my character, then it takes another 2 minutes.


I am pretty sure it used to be less than that when I was playing 2-3 years ago, but the game increased content since, and it's just 5 minutes, you can do something else while the game is loading :)

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