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Riftwalk upgrade path, best way to get Empyrian Spirit Stone.

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Greetings, warriors.

I am a Reaper Destroyer with a Raven stuck at tier 5 for ages (various reasons occurred), and I got as a reward a Riftwalk tier 3 from the orange quest a couple of days ago.

Now, I know I should upgrade the Riftwalk because it's cheaper than Raven, and use the Raven for damage, but when you go from Riftwalk -> Raven or Storm Dragon -> Aransu you must use an Empyrean Spirit Stone that is an expensive item like the Premium Transformation Stone, so considering:

-you can craft it with Forgekeepers;

-you can buy it from marketplace;

-I think you can get it as a drop from VT, maybe? --> I don't think I can do this raid quite often though


Which one is the way that makes you spend less gold (both in gold coins or materials to use) for it?

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you cannot drop the empyrean stone. So it is crafting or buying.

Crafting is mostly cheaper, but it really depends on the market price on your server. Easy way to check: as you see in forgekeepers how much you need to craft it and can check the prices for moonstones and so on in the market, you can easily calculate what the material price of everything is and compare it to buying a crafted one ;)

But as most people want to make a profit, it will probably end up a bit more expensive. Unless someone didn't check and sells it for less than the mats price.

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To see if crafting the Empyrean was worth it I checked BnSTools, but by few days it didn't work even if it was on marketplace; but even if I had that way to check the price, I simply wanted to know how other players dealt with the ESS and if there were other ways to get them.


Now that is out of the way, there's another problem: how many ESS to craft? 9 and 20 require way too many materials and gold, but are 3 ESS enough to get the important upgrades? Are they used only to pass from Storm to Aransu (an example), or are they even needed to upgrade Aransu 1 -> 2 -> ... -> Celestial 1 and more than only 1 per upgrade?

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Well I actually meant get your calculator or excel sheet and add up the numbers with the ingame prices ;) That way you get always the latest prices. So yeah, you always have a way to check the price.

And as I told you, crafting is mostly cheaper, the question is by how much. Also you need to consider, the less you craft (e.g. 3 instead of 20), the more expensive a single ESS gets. Personally I craft them and sell the ones crafted too much. If you can only craft 3, you really wanna check prices, as buying might be about the same or even cheaper if you are lucky.


If I remember correctly, you only need it if switching from non-raid to raid path and I think from aransu to celestial.

I am not at home right now so I can't check, but you can if you are ingame. Open up the upgrade window, in the upper right corner is a blue icon, where you get to the whole path of the weapon. Now you can tell where you want to start (doesn't have to be your weapon) and to which weapon you wanna go and the game shows you excactly what you need.

Also, NEVER upgrade to aransu/celestial 1 or 2, always go from raven/aransu 9 to the next tier 3. That way you need less from the next tier materials, which are mostly harder to get.

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