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High Ping with False Error 1005


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I was just trying to do Koldrak, stop with the false alert and kicking me out of the game, seriously. (Only first or second time across my 3 weeks I think, but false error is false error so...)



Both system and internet is fine, I constant ping to check my internet stability.


Now I have to wait for 2 hours for the next one...


Plays all fine for the past 3 weeks, no new software program installed. With only occasional server high ping.

Would be great if I can check that latest error log.

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Just logged in to say I'm getting the same issue. Google brought me to this post.


On the same machine I play fine on the EU server but seem to get this 9/10 of the time on the NA server. It's gotten to the point I have to AFK and that gives me the 1/10 of the time I won't get this error. However it's gotten to the point even if I stay up top I still have this problem.

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