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  1. Nobody has mentioned on which server they play on. I play on NA and EU with chars over 2200AP on both. What I've noticed is that on NA nobody just LFP on F8. People seem to wait in the lobby for somebody to post a dungeon in F8 and then there's (sometimes) a quick surge of people to join the dungeon. On EU on the other hand, people do indeed still just LFP up to CC and it fills relatively quickly if the dungeon is on the daily challenge. For that reasons, I prefer to progress my chars on the EU server now. The truth is, the population of BnS is dwindling. If
  2. Just wondering why we can't get the same reward system in Koldrak's lair implemented in other dungeons. Highest tiered DPSers get more gold/XP. This will mean higher geared players will want to party with the lower geared. They get something out of it instead of always searching for highest geared players and banding together. If there are several high DPSers, they will then compete for top spot/rewards so the dungeon run can still be as fast. For AFK people who do no damage, they get their quest done but they don't get any dynamic rewards. Something like a chest with: 1st - 1
  3. With the victory tokens being antiqued, will we get our gold back? Been paying 5 gold a piece from the Merchant of Wonder. Got some 30+ on one char and less on others. Obviously not enough to get the badge now before the 18th. Would be nice to know that all that gold I spent hasn't been wasted.
  4. Well it still can take multiple attempts just to log into the game. Error below. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: NCLauncher2.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 5c9b0e2b Problem Signature 04: protobuf-net Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 5249344c Problem Signature 07: 2a0 Problem Signature 08: f8 Problem Signature 09: System.IO.EndOfStreamException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 2057 Additional Informati
  5. I had a thought this may happen but for somebody to use it is low. Since CS no longer provide event currency, I actively avoid the 'MOML both bosses' recruitment. Since I just need it for the daily then I just PUG it.
  6. Since installing the new launcher, it seems to be hit and miss on whether the launcher will crash or not. I've already tried permitting it explicitly through the firewall. Sometimes it crashes before it gets to the account selection screen. Sometimes it crashes after entering the password. Sometimes it crashes after clicking on 'Start Game'. I'm running Win7 and the 64 bit client. It can take 4 or 5 attempts just to get the game to run. This is really starting to deter me from even logging in! No issues with the previous launcher.
  7. Just logged in to say I'm getting the same issue. Google brought me to this post. On the same machine I play fine on the EU server but seem to get this 9/10 of the time on the NA server. It's gotten to the point I have to AFK and that gives me the 1/10 of the time I won't get this error. However it's gotten to the point even if I stay up top I still have this problem.
  8. Thanks for the reply. It certainly has changed. Avalanche replaces Cold Snap and only lasts 4 secs. Still I seem to be doing more DPS now.
  9. Frost FM is great for rounding up mobs into my Cold Snap and then AOE them down by spamming Glacial Beam. However when Cold Snap is on cool down I take quite a DPS hit. I can Fireball and then Meteor Shower, but with Cold Snap and Meteor Shower on cool down, all that's left is LMB, RMB, 2? More of a problem with Frost FM is with boss fights. For example with Longui in MSP, if he jumps out of my Cold Snap, I'm left with a DPS drop again. Any suggestions on how to maintain DPS without Cold Snap and I'm unable to spam my Glacial Beam?
  10. Anyway to test this? I main a summoner and a FM but I'm sure all classes have some kind of DoT. I know if I use petal storm toss (blue icon) on a boss and another summoner uses petal storm (pink icon) then my blue icon disappears.
  11. Anybody know if two classes lay down a DoT skill does the person who used the skill last cancel out the 1st DoT and get credit for the damage? For example, if a summoner uses petal storm toss (which lasts 6 secs) and 2nd summoner uses their's before the 6 seconds is up. If it does cancel, wouldn't it lower the dps of the 1st caster? Which in turn lowers the dps of the party? Or in somewhere like Koldrak's Lair your dps will be stunted by somebody in the same class as you. Another example, if ice FM lays down cold snap. What happens when those cold snaps overlap?
  12. You shouldn't need a specific weapon to run the dungeon. The valiant lynblade was probably the minimum level weapon. Just equip a higher level weapon and you should be able to get in.
  13. Agree with the OP. It's not like the pets and souls are out dated items. They're items that we were slowly working towards to upgrade. And now with the events they're rendered obsolete it just seems a waste for the effort we've already put into it. That's what I didn't like about Aion. All the enchantments to get decent gear and then rendered useless once you out level them. I liked the old Hongmoon upgrade system in that you knew you had to upgrade existing gear to get to new levels. It would be good if I could transfer existing pets and souls to my alts so they don't
  14. It's not possible to place a crafting order with the Forgekeeper rep. Once you receive your materials it's not possible to talk to him again. You have to press L and place the order remotely even when you're standing next to the rep.
  15. Thanks for that. I did try to register on the 11th September before midnight PDT. Somebody dropped the ball and pulled the button early. Will NCSoft respond to this?
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