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  1. High Ping with False Error 1005

    I was just trying to do Koldrak, stop with the false alert and kicking me out of the game, seriously. (Only first or second time across my 3 weeks I think, but false error is false error so...) Both system and internet is fine, I constant ping to check my internet stability. Now I have to wait for 2 hours for the next one... Plays all fine for the past 3 weeks, no new software program installed. With only occasional server high ping. Would be great if I can check that latest error log.
  2. FPS issue

    Desktops are also a bit cheaper than gaming laptops if to be considered. Typical strong CPU with low-mid tier graphic card will do well I think. If I recalled correctly, BnS is more CPU dependent than GPU, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. FPS issue

    On top of what Snowyamur said, you don't have a dedicated GPU something like Geforce 900 series, GTX 1000 2000 series for example, your CPU is 2 cores 4 threads with 3.1Ghz max which can also limit your performance if you run other things at the same time, so it's not a gaming laptop. Getting a gaming laptop will definitely help. You may argue "Hey, I can still play games on this laptop, like league of legends for example." Sure, may be you can but does not change the fact it is not a gaming laptop. (MMOs are more demanding than LoL) I can play minesweeper on a 10 year old computer does not mean I can play league either.
  4. Do you not read English? This is not the place for you to rant you know... For the last time, I never said anything about hepta gems, also its true msp 4-6 to get tt ss 1-5 is one of the option, but at that time its not a viable one! I'm asking for guides and suggestions and I'll look at into each of those, and I did say, after looking into it, msp 3+ is not viable option at that time. edit: finally got in one with a3 requirement, wasn't bad at all, rewards are nice but do seem like finding a run may take some patience.. I'm definitely going to try upgrade my weapon into a3 and try to do this everyday in the weekend and stockpile the stones, probably 7-8 weeks for tt 1-5 ss. ss down, gems to go lol
  5. Yup, I'm definitely look into MSP this weekend and see how it goes. I literally used all my orbs from last event on hepta gems lol. Would be better if I can also get octas this event too in addition to hepta :(
  6. are you holding one? heck yeah! I would love to do it everyday all day long and put in all the effort. 2week into R9 I think I'm pretty ok. If you aren't holding one, I suggest you talk to the community, I mean I can't help you with that lol, and neither this post is for you to complain about, as I just solely want to know how to do those, because I can literally do it and not miss a single day of those. I can do it with orbs for sure.
  7. are you replying to the right guy? if to me, I'm checking, but out of the 2 weeks I played so far, I didn't see any call for msp stage3+ :( i have 0 lavender stones :( (but may change this weekend so I'll definitely check on it) also I didn't say anything about hepta gems.. I have octa and would like to stock and go into tri gems. orbs are nice, but emblems would be better :)
  8. The octa gem and tt 3 set could be very useful to me because i already have full octa and going into tri gems, I also already have full vt ss set which going into tt 3 set next make sense. In my opinion, event rewards help me progress through contents better, not other way around as I need to clear full TT raid then the event going to be useful to me in what because already cleared TT. So I am looking into TT, which again getting better soulshield and gems are good ways to help me. Orbs are great but emblems would be even better. I can do these everyday and not miss a single day. So yes any guides or suggestions on how to do it would be helpful !
  9. As title says, Let me know how I can clear Bm and Longgui stage 4. I just came back recently 2 weeks ago, gunner sitting at raven 9 with 1.4k ap. The rewards are going to be very helpful to me, all guides and suggestions are welcome and I will look at into it. If it's not designed for me to do, never mind then.
  10. More difficult events are good!

    NOT GOOD! Difficult events, ok. Event with Hard Enter Requirements and top gears(not just weapon) to do, Not OK! From a player came back 2 weeks ago. At least Half of the exchange page is totally USELESS TO ME. ps. making gc weapon craftable allow you to enter but because you can not clear it with just that, so people will not party with you, so you don't get to do it so why even craft the weapon in the first place. Goes for BM and Longgui Stage 4
  11. How do I change the shortcut key for ctrl+alt emote menu? It's kind of annoying everytime.
  12. Newcomer Cerulean Looking for a chinese guild on Yura to find people play with! (有没有华人工会)
  13. Can not use Level 60 Boost Voucher

    I get what you meant, thanks a lot!
  14. Can not use Level 60 Boost Voucher

  15. As title says, I can see that I have a Level 60 Boost Voucher at the bottom right hand corner at character menu, but after creating a Level 50 character and goes into training room, I can not complete the training room or start it because I can't read a letter as instruction requires, the Error says the feature is not available for Level 60 trial characters. Pressing Esc does not have an icon for Level 60 Boost Voucher.