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How do you get Wall Run?

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I'm currently level 57 and at Act IX, currently stuck on a quest in the main story line where you need the Wall Run ability. Apparently, I needed to do the "Climbing to Greater Heights" quest with Old Man Cho. The Problem is however, I can't find the quest for it, nor can I find Old Man Cho. What do I do?

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Well if I were you, I check it Here

Map> Moonwater > Mystywoods> A purple arrow point on it.

If you couldn't see u can open it with fraction merchant on your fraction/ he will sell you a horn with 50 silver cost, buy it. The merchant it's in mistywood to.

I hope i can help.

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Go to your quests menu (the J key on default configuration) and check for either a purple letter on the Quest letters tab or a purple quest on the main quest tab. Track that to be directed to the skyhaven resistance grounds, which is the area you do before meeting


for the first time.


IF you don't have a letter or a quest, send a support ticket because that would be a bug.


Remember, either purple letter or purple quest. You should have one of those in your quest window.

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