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The way of the warlock part5 bug

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Hello I have this problem with doing the combo right and I can't do anything about it... I did read some stuff on the internet but it didn't help. It says I should do Dragoncall 4 consecutively against Hajoon then use Bombardment to confirm that the Dragoncall cooldown has been reduced... I am trying but it wont work... What should I do? Please help I am really desperate been trying it for an hour q.q

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Had a similar issue with my LBD: using Awakened Scorpio +10 wouldn't allow wind spirits to spawn for rolling typhoon; traded in with antique guy to get Baleful Lynblade, and wind spirits start to spawn again and can complete. Are you using a weapon from an old progression path? If you are, don't trade your weapon in yet, instead try buying a cheap weapon from an NPC to test it?

Edit: Probably ignore this actually, just realised way of the warlock is probably early tutorial mission, not Hongmoon training room.

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Misread problem/probably irrelevant response.
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My boyfriend started on  a new character playing WL and had the same problem. What he did was do his whole combo 2 - 3 - 4 - RMB - 4 - RMB and somehow it worked for all 3 hajoon images so maybe give that a try? There was also no completion sound when he killed each mirror image so take note of that.

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