Cold Storage matters

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Hi guys, is there any chance you guys make it so when we kill second boss in cold storage we will be able to go to the merchant in boss 1 again? please 

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Yeah, I was gonna post this too -- the problem now is that if you want to go to cold-storage merchant, the rest of the party still may go onto part 2 without you.


This becomes doubly true if the "merchant of wonder"[sic] comes along to sell you a line of mediocre goods.  So what's up w/that.  I thought merchant of wonder was supposed to sell high-value things you couldn't normally get in a dungeon -- not soulstones, moonstones, and option to trade 15g for a chest that gives 10g.  What's so wondrous or wonderful about that?  It just delays you getting through the CS merchant and possibly being left behind for boss 2.  Or having someone else slip in an orb you were going to do and then get all haughty when you bid on the items.


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