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Do you prefer fire or wind after awakening skills?


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I know it's not called fire and wind anymore but which specializations do you prefer?  


I find that for fire, I can maintain volcano much more frequently than wind.  For wind lots of times wind shear drops off and that results in a loss of because roundhouse gets extra damage during wind shear.

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Actually, with VT gear + glory badge + good rotation you can maintain the Wind Shear buff.

There are 2 types of rotation for wind imo:

- 4 > x > v > 4 > [rb lb f] spam until v goes off > wait for just a little bit then repeat

- 4 > x > v > [rb lb f] spam until V almost goes off > 4 > x > [rb lb f] > 4 > v > ...


The Wind Shear buff is dropped for the duration of [ 4 > X ] but you can cancel most of the animations.


I played with fire kfm before the patch, but I enjoy the "Wind" kfm. I found out that for me it was harder to maintain the volcano buff.

And if you don't want to hurt your finger, you can use simple mode too. Not that good if you would do it manually, but it is actually pretty good.

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