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Help with Summoner Soul shield


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Hi, im Spanish, sorry for my bad English, im level 55 HM12 and i finished the story. I didnt play since 2016 and now im lost with the gear for my Wind summoner and how to get it. 
 At this moment i go with the mistwalker, i see a guide in youtube that recommended 5 rejuvenation and 3 spiritcaller but when i went to the merchants didnt have this Souls, they have the Raven and another, sorry i cant remenber, Rejuvenetion merchant is in Dasari gardens, and for the other, Khanda vihar. 

I like to know what SS i need, Thanks for your answer ^^

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Rejuvenation = Soulshields from BT (skybreak spire)

Spirit Caller = Soulshields from VT (temple of eluvium)


you can get them from the merchant, by doing the raid, they have a chance to drop from normal dungeons (only rejuvenation) or you can farm them in Midnight Skypetal Plains.

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