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braindead pvp


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I would ask ncsoft to think about an overhaul of the pvp mech. by now its all about stun and air (booring until u vommit). Put parry instead and reduce stund to one sec max. no stealth as well (bullshit anyway) to get a dynamic fight where u really need skills to do combos. where u need to really learn combos. not air pew pew dead. 

let me know what u think. 

By now in my mind its braindead. 

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I'm talking to what I know before I left and what I read in the forums (haven't played it with these patches)

So I left during that part of the story where you just got back the young villan (forgot her name) from her soul being in another world, and I read posts today about PvP balance and general stuff (a lot of complains about warden op, I left before this class came out) now on to the main stuff

1: Remove a ENTIRE CLASS uniqueness and what makes their kit work? Ya do realize sin stealth gives him access to some of his most important skills right and that it's used for his long CC chains. Do find it odd summener as it though but every class needs their counter I guess.

2: Before I left the state of PvP was warlock killing you in one air combo and I agree with you there to some extent however I think the main focus isn't how they do their combos and instead the overall damage everyone does. I LOVED PvP when it came out, you either did a lot of mini combos to wear the guy out or lock him in a 5-8 CC combo, combos that toke some practice to pull of and manage CDs but now... When I still played the game was in a state of *lock him in a 1-2 CC chain to kill him, that's enough" now that I find really boring.



1: Skills having different CC duration = CD management and priority, don't change

2: Remove stealth forgetting there is a class that relys on it to work? = Don't, seriously don't, every class as always a way to get them out, a blade cancer voltex(V skill) is a great example and this is where you can outplay them, get them when they think they are safe

3: Air combos... If they are still untabable (which I believe they are ofc...) Then yes, they need a rework, it makes no sence I can't escape a dire situation if my tab is up HOWEVER some classes do their damage here so just reduce the damage so it takes around 3 to fully kill people (without doing any prior damage)

4: As hinted in 3. REDUCE CLASSES DAMAGE HERE! I want an epic battle filled with combos and outplays and mindgames, not those "Oh I CCed you twice in a row so you're dead now" BS

5: When I left, blade cancer had a ridiculous amounts of resists / immunities (and aparently so do warden) NCsoft should revisit classes kit and start limiting the time people are immune to everything, makes no sence that classes spamming them can go 90% of the match immune, they use one - then another - then another - then the CD of the first 1 came off - hence and repeat (this is mixing immunity + Iframes like BD V if speced on it that gives u 3 long iframes + resists like BD spin counter...... yes I bring BD a lot here xD It really annoyed me back then)


I just want those battles with long combos that didn't end in 3 seconds in to the match to come back and I want it so people need to think better of when to use their resists and not think "Oh I can just spend it here as I have 4 other immune skills to use while I wait for the CD on this"

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