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  1. Yep, I gave up on the game, probably not the solution you want
  2. I was installing my game when I realized it installs everything on C which is fine exept... I use an SSD so no space, mid update I stop it and google a way to change it's update location, did find a tutorial that takes me to regedit to temper with some keys and key locations but it ends up failing so I manually delete the game, go to regedit again and look up everything related to BnS and also delete, have also used CCleaner to fix keys and even MicrosoftProgram_Install_and_Uninstall.meta(which doesn't even find BnS to uninstall) same with windows programs, can't even find BnS there. If I use
  3. Having the same problem, I can't install my game either, everytime I try to open the lit installer it asks me to remove a non existing one. Sadly I use an SSD so can't do much on my end however perhaps you want to look up the "beta installer" since that did got my BnS to update (before ssd ran out of space)
  4. around 24 hours, not less but more then 24 hours so u are lucky to get to trade 1 message a day
  5. I'm talking to what I know before I left and what I read in the forums (haven't played it with these patches) So I left during that part of the story where you just got back the young villan (forgot her name) from her soul being in another world, and I read posts today about PvP balance and general stuff (a lot of complains about warden op, I left before this class came out) now on to the main stuff 1: Remove a ENTIRE CLASS uniqueness and what makes their kit work? Ya do realize sin stealth gives him access to some of his most important skills right and that it's used for his long CC
  6. When I played I would wait for a free premium week and put every outfit I owned in there, would only take about 1 or 2 outfits out of it and keep the rest in it so even after loosing premium, the outfits were stored and I had some space. But I do agree they should have made it free long ago. They do make people frustrated enough to buy premium but not all do. This would much quicker make players quit(not by itself but as an extra item of what the player hates) then make them spend money on a game that is obviously losing players and milking his player base with no regards for th
  7. They won't, they never do
  8. - RNG support - Extended unexplained maintenance (as said already) - EU version of rewards not the same as Korean (less gold for us) - Each patch more payment walls Just to name a few There as been a thread about this, to summarize it (as I'm not expert, I'm just saying what they said) DDoS attack would mean EVERY1 would feel it which is not the case, the prob here aside from the overall crappy servers and crappy optimization is they have all their games in one single server, so in prime time they kinda overload making those with a more sensible net?
  9. With subtitles of what I think will happen. "Stop bothering me and go post this on the forums so we can ignore it while you get that feeling of 'I did what I could'" Mate, we all know the reputation these things have, they just want money so tell me, was making people "roll back" and lose resources so they need to re-buy them that much of a mistake or intentional so more money flows in? Perhaps my line of though is wrong and I sure hope it is, but considering their past and reputation, I see it this way. Sorry mate :/
  10. I think the mod is mostly the clothing, the preset itself is all legit, just check it out
  11. You are going to a good direction but I have a feeling the face is a bit to "slim" for the original, also I've seen presets of her already made online, go check them out :)
  12. Lol, you think they going to fix it? I'm sure they at least know basic math and ran the calculations on the prices, if the prices are high as heck is because they wanted them to. You do realize BnS as been turning more and more pay 2 progress, the pet is just one of many examples so I would not have my hopes up with them "fixing" the prices, since to be fixed it first needs to be broken by their standards, and in their eyes, the pet prices are exactly where they should be, high as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ to force people to pay good cash
  13. We can't see what you did, you using photobucket and that site seems to only work now if you are a payed member. Use https://kendir.imgur.com/all/ that way we can see
  14. They did? sweet! :D thanks mate o/
  15. Haven't they nerfed it once already? and if ya wanna talk about counters (which they have 2, one for normal situations and one for ground JUST like other classes have counters) then can we talk with other classes constant blocking/counter/Iframing first? :) and as I said, there are skills that guarantee a hit just as long as ya aim/time it BUT if ya miss all of those skills and waste Iframes(btw a quick tip: Save Iframes/defensive skills for when ya feel their stealth is about to run out, most sins wait for that before they do anything) then truth be told, ya deserve to be in a situation where
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