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  1. Can't Install Game (Again)

    Pretty much as title states. Decided to install the game and give the new patch a go. Lol, nope! Downloading the Blade and Soul Installer from the website just gives me the Lite installer. I try to install with that, but instead of installing anything it asks me if I want to remove the program. When I hit yes, I get an error stating that this operation can only be completed with an installed program. Okay, so lets dig out the NCSoft Launcher again since its pretty obvious that after all of these years you still can't install the game from the BnS installer you get from the site. Whatever. Download the .exe NCSoft installer. Installed just fine, entered my log in information and tell it to install the game. And I get "E04015 IIP_HTTP_7_92221940_BnS_Insaller.msi Can't download file". So no dice there. At the moment I have done: Used the Uninstall programs to ensure I don't have an old partial installation interfering. Delved into Registry and deleted every string I could find related to BnS, Blade, NCSoft Launcher Restarted PC Moved the NCSoft launcher folder and its contents to a different drive Attempted to install the game with NordVPN and TunnelBear Ran everything and its grandmother as Administrator. 'Cuz y'know, Windows is incapable of doing this automatically even if your account is designated as Admin. Ran CC Cleaner just on the off chance I missed something when I was cleaning the Registry myself. Flipped off the same error I end up with no matter what I do Threw monitor out window Okay, maybe not that last part, but still. It is stupidly irritating that after this many years of Blade and Soul being on the market, players still have this massive headache when attempting to install or reinstall the game. And this time, my usual methods that have worked in the past have failed me. Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this annoyance? I've tried asking Reddit, but their bot is stupidly aggressive and kept deleting my plea for help because I've never owned a Reddit account before now. Thanks.
  2. Shadowrunner Pistols

    Not entirely sure if this is something that should be reported as a bug, but the new cosmetic Shadowrunner Pistols currently seems to have a graphical bug. When using this item to change the appearance of my Stalker Pistols, the projectiles and gunpowder fx from the weapons appear to be emerging from my Jin's feet. I tested this multiple times with both the Stalker Pistols and the Training Pistols you get at the start of the game, and both of them had this particular little glitch-- this leads me to believe that the issue is with the Shadowrunner Pistols themselves and not with a select few weapons. Its not something that has to be fixed super urgently, I just wanted to bring awareness to the issue. I had to take off the appearance for now because it just looks silly and kind of breaks the Gunslinger immersion.
  3. Don't forget to register for Gunslinger Satchel!

    Same. Either registration is closed or someone borked it even worse than it was before. The costume is kind of "meh" anyway, but I really wanted the xp charms and the character voucher.