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  1. Yeah I feel sorry for some of those demanding, because most of them never achived anything. But in BNS you can do a lot.
  2. Tell me how to buy a Porsche for one Euro, tell how to become a master musician within a week. There is your answer. Your an angry person, right? Calm down. Every one wants to have fun in life, so what is you real point? Your jealous? You don't have any money? You don't have time? You don't have money and time? Here is what I did: I took all my chars and did all dailies, when I had the time to. When I needed mats, I did a lot of pvp, there you can make a lot of gold, but you need to learn the mech and the mech of your counterpart. With that gold I paid for raids, but not the latest, the
  3. I agree with Daliah. BNS is still fun. I sometimes spend some money sometimes I don't. I can have a break and then start up again, but need to buy some stuff as I don't have the time to grind. You know the game "Last Chaos"? Nice game, and a true and utterly p2w game. This game does not make any fun without having paid a lot of money, while in BNS you can still grind to the top. It is possible. You can make a lot of gold and then pay for raids. I have done that a lot. There are a lot of gamers top notch who did not spend much money in BNS. There are also some real whales (play to win). Someti
  4. There is this famous dat file, a text-file, that is permanently read in the code and causes dramatic losses in performance. We had a programming course in school. If we had programmed our tasks like this, we would have been told to do brick laying but not programming. This file, the local64.dat, a bullshit textfile, causes performance issues. Dear NCSOF, please tell me who did this, so I can ........ (put in what ever u like). When will this bullshir finally be solved?
  5. Guys, when you do trove then it is the rng that decides what you win or not. It always, always, always is a rip off. Period. It uses a lot of your psych to control you. Its like gambling. Yeah buy 100 keys. OK no crit, lets just try another 10, no crit lets try again, again again ...... So if you cannot efford it, dont by keys. Dont even buy ncoin. All these so called free to play games are rip off or pay to win. So you need to decide: Are you willing probably to just waste a lot of money without any benefit, then buy ncoin. If your not willing to waste, then dont.
  6. The warlock is not the probelm in amateur pvp as it is a real pleb char, braindead and only played by braindeads (ok just exaggerating a little). If you are an expert with warlock, most classes should loose and will. The problem for bns is the pvp as such. U air you win. U kd u win. U stun u win. Thats bollocks in my mind. There should be more about evade and parry as well. No "air" as well. This is idiotic in my mind as well, why should a char receive more dmg "in air". Bullshit. The PVP needs an overhaul as such. Also remove stealth.
  7. I would ask ncsoft to think about an overhaul of the pvp mech. by now its all about stun and air (booring until u vommit). Put parry instead and reduce stund to one sec max. no stealth as well (bullshit anyway) to get a dynamic fight where u really need skills to do combos. where u need to really learn combos. not air pew pew dead. let me know what u think. By now in my mind its braindead.
  8. I do all time. I do around 500K dps. with wl more. so no problem haven a lower char in my group.
  9. This is our poor community. Helping other will not be the case. So take it as that. 99,9% of the people are rude, impatient and lazy. Thats why they kick you.
  10. No it is not stupid in solo dungeons and the others are ok as u either need to run long or see a firewall. Not very handy in solo as u need to wait.
  11. Good point. I play FM as I always play mage in all games. But I think FM is easy to play also manually. But to get a good rating in TOI or other solo places it can be challenging. Warlock is for me the most braindead, because you just stand in the middle and pew pew and thats it. Warden is very similar. Nothing to do. I like BM and KFM because u need to think a little. Gunner is pleb class as well. I play FM manually but use mouse for most keys so my left hand can be used for moving only. I play FM because I am incredibly lazy
  12. Guys which are the most braindead chars in ur mind? My top 2 are: 1.) Warlock 2.) Warden What do u think?
  13. why the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ are the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing skills not reset when u died and hit 4?
  14. The difficulty is ok in my mind. I think Blade and Sould is pretty brainless, because its all about kd or daze or knock up. Boring to the death. Also having to fight as a melee is also very idiotic because it could be really more interesting not to have melee like fights only. But ok, one can deal with it if he/she wants. But now comes what bns is really really bad at, the rng. Unfortunately they added rng again to the mech, as if there is nothing else to create surprise. Why not using some kind of AI? Like in TOI (there of course bns ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed up again, as the order of the enemies was rng
  15. You forgot one thing in this game. The rng is crap at its best. So if you need something you have to cope with this rng. The drops in the raids is complete crap (rng based). You mentioned TOI, just forget this. Its a complete waste of time as it is rng based (u need luck its not an achivement, so forget it). The only in my mind balanced stoff is one vs one and tag in arena. Any other stuff is just bad programmed. But you have to go through it, as u need the stuff. One remark to all: NCSOF has just the interest to earn money. So they will do anything to earn a lot. The taktic
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