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Wich Lynblade to go with?


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Hey everyone, just recently reached lvl. 50 and I have been trying to decide wich Lynblade I should go with, but there seems to be like a dozen different options and anything that comes up on google seems to be outdated, and was intended to be information used in the old Hongmoon evolution path. When I started logging back in about a week ago, and converted my old Hongmoon weapon the game gave me the Profane Lynblade. Now that I have levelled up a bit, and gone through the story even further I have since been given the Dokumi Lynblade, Skyhaven Lynblade, Sterling Lynblade, and IvoryMoon Lynblade.


So, my question basically is...should I just continue going through the main story until I *eventually* get an upgradeable weapon, or should I get a different lynblade from one of the wheels of fate, or a sidequest? I know that you can also get either a light or dark weapon once you reach Silverfrost by paying a vendor Nayru Coins...would that be a good investment? There are just so many different options, and no real solid updated guide wich goes through this.

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