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  1. snow crystal exchange

    dragon express, should be the last tab
  2. Need some time/money investment estimates

    it’s gonna be pretty time-consuming to gear up if you’re fresh outta the story. i’d suggest farming peaches from CB (Celestial Basin) to get your basic legendary accessories first, then you can try attempting BT (Black Tower / Skybreak Spire) to get your elemental ring and earring. make sure to carry some gold with you, as there might be other ppl bidding for your accessories. regarding your weapon path, going dawnforge/riftwalk (depending on your playstyle) will be considerably cheaper, but raven will yield higher DPS. you can go dawnforge/riftwalk to stage 9 and then convert to raven 9 to save materials and gold. regarding your ping, both elements are completely viable, but lightning build is the also the PVP build if you’re interested in that.
  3. Low DPS on fire BM

    since you’re using dawnforged instead of raven, you’re obviously missing out on a lot of damage, provided by the raven effect and elemental damage. but that’s not to say the other paths are bad, they’re there for ppl who don’t do raids that often. like @Nivalias said, your gear/accessories contributes a huge factor to your dps. if you haven’t already, you should get your BT (Black Tower / Skybreak Spire) accesories and SS (soul shield) pieces. also, concerning crit, you can try tacking on primers (specifically crit primers) to your current SS. you can buy the basic ones in the dragon express.
  4. New Player

    blade and soul 2 is for the phone, so the experience will be a lot different than on a PC.
  5. About costumes

    salvaging outfits to get Fabric AND THEN transmuting Fabric (along with other materials) to get High Quality Fabric sounds redundant, i know
  6. About costumes

    outfits are kinda categorized into categories almost, you can see this in your F3 1) some outfits are only available through the HM store some can only be obtained through in-game events (mostly via event currency) some can only be obtained through crafting 2) you can TRANSMUTE a small amount of outfits, but you’ll need some specific items like Fabric, High Quality Fabric, etc. also, each guild (Forgekeepers, Soul Wardens, etc.) has their respectable, CRAFTABLE outfit, but the guild requires you to be LV. 5 (within the guild) in order to craft it 3) honestly, the easiest/fastest way is to run dungeons. the higher tiered dungeons will give you more gold, but some ppl have some insane requirements ‘cause they want a fast clear. if you’re fresh outta the story, i’d say you can go up to NS (Naryu Sanctum) and possibly even IF (Irontech Forg if you know the mechanics) you can also try the solo dungeons like Mushin’s Tower (and if you’re geared enough, Outlaw Island). they give you some pretty decent money
  7. Wich Lynblade to go with?

    yeah, just keep progressing. the story will give you your upgradeable legendary weapon. DARK CHEST = BALEFUL LIGHT CHEST = SERAPH normally bladedancers go baleful, but completely up to you
  8. How use Outfit Delivery Stamp?

    you just have to right click the outfit you wanna send, and it’ll automatically use the outfit delivery stamps along with it