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  1. Hey everyone, just recently reached lvl. 50 and I have been trying to decide wich Lynblade I should go with, but there seems to be like a dozen different options and anything that comes up on google seems to be outdated, and was intended to be information used in the old Hongmoon evolution path. When I started logging back in about a week ago, and converted my old Hongmoon weapon the game gave me the Profane Lynblade. Now that I have levelled up a bit, and gone through the story even further I have since been given the Dokumi Lynblade, Skyhaven Lynblade, Sterling Lynblade, and IvoryMoon Lynbla
  2. The problem seems to have corrected itself somehow. Upon logging out, and back in again some time later I can now equip all of my outfits and see them as they were meant to appear. Not sure what caused this error, but happy it resolved itself. :)
  3. Hello! I am recently coming back to Blade&Soul after a fairly long hiatus. I had originally purchased the Masters Pack when the game was still in beta, and as such had the unique High Noon outfit, and several others I had bought with the extra Ncoin the pack gave me. When I attempt to wear any of my unique outfits however, they all just look like the regular old Hongmoon Uniform when I have them on, and head accessories do not even seem to appear! The affected items so far are: High Noon, My Angel, Regium Corvus, and Transcendence. I will likely find more that do not show on my
  4. It could be possible to perhaps add another cell onto or nearby some of the major settlements throughout B@S that is strictly for housing? Just a thought anyway.
  5. YES I could not agree with this more. I would love to see some form of player housing eventually implemented in Blade@Soul. I do not expect it to happen right away though ofcourse, as right now main focus is on ensuring the game is up and running and will be stable during launch. Later down the road though when we are on good and stable footing player housing options would be nice. I feel that housing adds a whole new level of immersion to a game and allows one to get there creative juices flowing in the process of creating a dream home that personally reflects them as an individual.
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