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  1. Hey everyone, just recently reached lvl. 50 and I have been trying to decide wich Lynblade I should go with, but there seems to be like a dozen different options and anything that comes up on google seems to be outdated, and was intended to be information used in the old Hongmoon evolution path. When I started logging back in about a week ago, and converted my old Hongmoon weapon the game gave me the Profane Lynblade. Now that I have levelled up a bit, and gone through the story even further I have since been given the Dokumi Lynblade, Skyhaven Lynblade, Sterling Lynblade, and IvoryMoon Lynblade. So, my question basically is...should I just continue going through the main story until I *eventually* get an upgradeable weapon, or should I get a different lynblade from one of the wheels of fate, or a sidequest? I know that you can also get either a light or dark weapon once you reach Silverfrost by paying a vendor Nayru Coins...would that be a good investment? There are just so many different options, and no real solid updated guide wich goes through this.
  2. Hello! I am recently coming back to Blade&Soul after a fairly long hiatus. I had originally purchased the Masters Pack when the game was still in beta, and as such had the unique High Noon outfit, and several others I had bought with the extra Ncoin the pack gave me. When I attempt to wear any of my unique outfits however, they all just look like the regular old Hongmoon Uniform when I have them on, and head accessories do not even seem to appear! The affected items so far are: High Noon, My Angel, Regium Corvus, and Transcendence. I will likely find more that do not show on my body as they should, but these are ones I have tested so far. If anyone can tell me what is possibly going on it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. The problem seems to have corrected itself somehow. Upon logging out, and back in again some time later I can now equip all of my outfits and see them as they were meant to appear. Not sure what caused this error, but happy it resolved itself. :)
  4. New outfits in the store tomorrow?

    They really had better either make that valentines outfit that was released in Japan available for males as well, or give us another outfit for males (altho I really want the japanese one lol), cus otherwise that would just be wrong on so many levels...giving one sex an outfit but completely excluding the other. Lets hope they keep it fair and equal.
  5. Clan name cooldown?

    wow...90 days is still rediculous lol. Maybe they told us it was permanently gone back when we asked because in early release they had not yet sorted out all the details...so saying that was most convenient idk. My gosh tho, heaven forbid you make a mistake and delete your clan and wanna go back to it. This really needs to change.
  6. Clan name cooldown?

    Keep the thread updated with there response please, we are all curios to know if you get the same response we did as well lol. It seems like an extremely silly rule..considering mistakes do happen.
  7. Clan name cooldown?

    We had a similar problem. Our clan originally started in mushin during the early release, however with the high Que's during that time we decided to move to Hajoon. The clan leader deleted the name in mushin to free it up for us, but once he did we were unable to take the name in Hajoon. He contacted NCsoft about this and they came back with the reply that once a clan has been disbanded the name cannot be reclaimed period. It was a major dissapointment and we ultimately had to settle with something else. I hope they change that policy...or the off chance that NCsoft employee was misinformed but so far no luck there.
  8. Hey there everyone! After seeing some of the posts here on the forums, I thought it may be a neat idea to post something light-hearted and fun! This thread is for all of those funny or just generally out of place moments that you have come across in your travels across the earthen realm. Please share your experiences here, and post screenshots if you have them! That Moment when you realize that you are tiny enough to ride a Carrier Pidgeon as a mount:
  9. Hahaha nice! Looks like you are about to do a very unique rendition of the Moon Walk xD
  10. New outfit releasing in KOR

    I LOVE this costume...I just find it irritating that it is not available for the males. It is something really irks me, and I hope they embrace equality and give the guys something special like this for valentines as well. Providing a special holiday outfit for 1 sex and not the other seems wrong.
  11. Show me your costumes/outfits!!!

    This is my Latest outfit the Golden Deva...wich I just obtained today! It matches my sword too. The flower is from the Daily Dash outfit :D
  12. Reporting Offensive Character Names

    People like that create such offensive names simply because they want to get noticed and they want people to be enraged at them. They are the specific type of troll that get off on other people being offended by them, and quite frankly by bringing attention to them on the forums they are getting exactly what they want. It disgusts me to see crap like this just as much as it should anyone else, but the best thing to do is just send in a ticket to NCsoft and let them deal with it...not give them the satisfaction of being displayed in the forums. I am sure with a support ticket the folks at NCsoft will give them a swift kick in the rear and they will see that they suddenly cannot login any longer xD
  13. Lyn is best race

    I love the Lyn race! As an individual who prefers to play young races in any platform, and whom always goes male (I feel uncomfortable playing a female character) I am very happy that BnS gives not only this awesome race, but also shows equal treatment toward both males and females in regard to character customization and costumes! Here is my main character Korgi :)
  14. how to add a friend

    It is a known bug. No one can send or receive friends requests and friends do not appear in our lists. NCsoft says there working on it along with our wardrobe issue
  15. Wardrobe error

    Just to add onto this I figured I may as well mention another issue here instead of starting a brand new thread. I try to invite someone into our clan and it is saying "user not found". They are logged in, they have joined the proper faction, yet clan invite fails to work. It could be tied in with the Friendslist Issue possibly.
  16. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    That would be great and all if not for the fact that alot of the spammers are now premium users as well. Considering it only costs about 5 bucks for 1 week of premium membership NCsoft inadvertantly made it alot easier for them to attain premium.
  17. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It does not really seem like this latest update really did much of anything. Apparently the lvl.10 chat restriction isn't working or it works differently than is described because lo and behold here is a lvl.4 spammer doing what he does best just like before.
  18. My Angel Outfit

    Love this outfit! It is basically the same one from the CBT that I wore all of the time...just with a different color scheme! (CBT was pure white)
  19. Give love to Hajoon server!

    Me and our entire clan are based in Hajoon as our home server now. We started out in Mushin during CBT and on the first day of headstart...decided that was a bad idea and moved to Hajoon on the second day without looking back since! I love both the in-game character and the server Hajoon! <3
  20. Hajoon my respects...

    I give you credit for using a GIF of Dean Winchester in this post...I naturally ended up reading it in my head using his voice haha. But yah I have to say that is 1 of the saddest moments (to me personally) in the entire game.
  21. I found where bots hangout

    Ughh...ive seen that gfgsd name way back near the end of head start. I reported him though and they took the account down I thought..because after I reported the chat spam stopped. I guess he came back tho? But yeah considering we had some bots near the end of headstart even, some of them did buy some form of premium to try and scam people early on. It is dissapointing.
  22. Server down or crashed ?

    Woohoo a fellow Hajoonian! :D
  23. Server down or crashed ?

    I was just in about 20 minutes ago on Hajoon and logged off of my own will, so no this ahsnt been going on for 2 hours now (atleast not across all servers). I just tried logging back in though and am now experiencing the loading screen like everyone else so it apparently got Hajoon now too
  24. The Spam!

    The Gold Spammers do get pretty bad at times and I can speak from personal experience on Hajoon. However, if you take a couple screenshots and send 'em to NCsoft in a ticket letting them know what is going on they WILL act on it. I have been doing this on a regular basis and they react each time. It isnt a permanent solution but its what we have for now. I just keep on doing my part like others are doing so NCsoft can inturn do there part more efficiently. Nothing like screenshots with huge text walls of spam to get a GM's attention hehe.
  25. Hongmen Accessories.

    Right. The lowest pack (Initiate) does not grant actual premium membership time, merely points that help you out later on should you decide to purchase a premium account. To check how many premium points you have ya can click "P" at anytime when you are logged in and click the appropriate tab.