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Hongmoon Weapon¿?


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Hello people, recently I just got back to the game since around 2 year of inactivity and I know many many things have changed since I left playing. About one of these things is the so called "HongMoon weapon" that when I stared to play they gived to me and it was a very powerful weapon. 

I played a while yesterday and noticed on my char that it says that the weapon "cannot be reinforced, salvage for good items" IDK about that but I want to know if I should keep evolving that weapon or salvage it for something better I guess I looked at something about "Gold Deva weapon" (axe in my case)? 

So what I should do? Hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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On 12/8/2018 at 6:35 AM, Dlacik said:

Hello. You shoul salvage it. You will get upgradable legendary weapon form story quest later. 


Take a look at this topic, i've explained there about weapons and accessories.


Thank you very much man, yeah I've figured out they replaced the Hongmoon weapon and for those who still have it with old accounts like mine they'd gived another weapon, idk if this was good I have read for complaints tho, since its more hard to lvl up now for small levels someones says.

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