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I can’t find Assassin skill x3


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Hello, I was looking in the training room recently, and I wanted to go practice Assassin since I loved the control that I was able to use (also because I thought the attacks look sooooo cool!).  However, when I went on, I was using some of the skills, and I thought that the F skill, “Close Shave,” was missing.  Now I did realize that they had made major edits in the past with class skills, which I am totally okay with.  I just want to make sure it didn’t go away so if it did, then I don’t have to continuasely think about what may have happened x3.  If there is anything that I may be possibly missing, I’ll definitely try to find that out, and get ready for the next update, but I love this game and it is one of the best and inspiring I’ve ever played! :D. Good job for such great work and construction with everything, even with little things c:.

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