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[News] Warden’s Fury Event & Juggernaut Jackpot Arrive September 12


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Hello guys first I’m very exited about the new event but I do have some questions for anyone who can answer

1) it’s mentioned that only top or cap players can partake of the new event?,and let’s make clear I’m only lvl 51 atm since I just came back to game 2 weeks ago.

2)it also talks about running the challenge daily dungeons in the provided list,the thing is I keep hearing about this challenge daily’s but I still can’t the menu in game do I have to reach a higher lvl to have that option and see what the dailies are each day?.

3) it also says the upcoming challenge of reaching act 9,but does it means from where I am at (act 8),or I have to start from act 1 new char?.it seems they keep adding more acts to complete but the same amount of time or days to reach that goal,at one point it won’t be posible let’s say reach act 15 in a future,and if I want to star a char from lvl 50 don’t count?tks in advance for any answers.

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1) Max level is 55 so if you are lvl 51 just do main quest it will take you less than 5 hours to reach it.

2) you need to be lvl 55 to see daily challenge, it requires you to do 3 daily quest to complete and get rewards.

3) We are stuck at Act 9 chapter 1 right now, so yeah you need to do the act when it comes to get reward, for new char most likely yes but it takes less than a day to be 55 just do main quest.

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