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Crash frequency getting worse...(last month, worse this month)


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Moving this stat-post separately instead of reply, as there was no evidence that it was related to

where it had been originally posted (ex, nothing about DC's). 

These are not DC's (they don't get logged, really, and aren't that common for me).

These are  crashes that left a mini-dump that says something about what happened.


Included are two tables -- one by month and second one by date.  Unfortunately both show

decreasing stability, with a marked uptick last month, and this month showing near double that rate.


But it seems to be partly related, at least to updates.  (sigh).


By month

#       month

 1      01
 3      03
 1      04
 1      06
 9      07
11     08


So in month 07 (July), i had more crashes than in all the previous months this year.

This month, I've already exceeded that count with 11 crashes in the first 19 days...projected crashes for this

month is near 19(!) -- over double last month.


All crashes but one are Access violations  0xc0000005.


So hard crashes have gone up dramatically last month and more so this month.

Exact days (w/count on that day, followed by month.day).  Amusingly enough, august 13 was the worst single day so far (3 crashes).

I can give exact times if desired, but #/day could be correlated to when various updates were released. (?)

#       date (mo.day)
1       01.21
1       03.07
1       03.11
1       07.01
1       07.07
1       07.12
2       07.15
2       07.18
2       07.28
1       08.06
1       08.09
2       08.10
3       08.13
1       08.16
1       08.17
1       08.18
1       08.19


using cygwin, I used this to display the above two lists while I was 'cd'ed to the directory where the dumps are.


> 'ls' -1|sed -r 's/^BnS-2018.// ; s/(..\...).*$/\1/'|uniq -c 

on my machine, @ in C:\prog\NCSoft\bns\contents\bns\Logs\ . 


BTW, "/prog" is a symlink(junction, actually, but similar) to 'Program Files (x86)'.  I.e:

> ll /prog
lrwxrwxrwx 1 20 Nov  6  2014 /prog -> /Program Files (x86)/


or  (under windows):
11/06/2014  08:45 PM    <JUNCTION>     Prog [C:\Program Files (x86)]



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