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BD PvP Enhance Daze X


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Like back in the day. X was a fantastic move for bgs. Still for arena.

With vt badge, I can only buff thunder strike X. And everyone knows

what that power is like. I love it, fk the haters lol.

Anyways. Back before it put you in the auto-aired was great even if you

were in lightning stance. Youd lose lightning stance after but was

able to get back in if needed. Auto air skill merged it with the air one.

Its not so bad. It hits 5 diff people, so 5 ppl wont get aired and disrupt

my team mates. It auto airs if it hits them 2x XD     

So bgs RNG so to say ? But theres no excuse for air. It can be canceled.


SO yea. How can i buff the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of it again ! LOL

oh with out going full wind : /


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