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Beans: Alternative Path


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I came aboard Blade and Soul when it first came to North America. From what I saw of it I figured I was PVP bound, as I usually do. I felt lead on in a way, when I realized what kind of PVP this was and how it was ... uniquely different from other games. I left. Years later I came back. Other than a few key differences (low low low population) not much has changed over the years.

I'm not singling out any class as there's an automatic dismissive response across the board. I've spoken with all classes, and people that have played for years. Everyone agrees, Arena is extremely boring. The consensus is that Arena is something nobody enjoys and everyone was relieved to have finished getting beans for stuff. In other words, the generally its a lot like torture/self-torture, for ALL parties.

This game, for its own sake and whomever it concerns, needs to find alternatives to the unenjoyable aspects of the game.

Like beans.

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I have been playing arena since launch and still enjoy to do so. :HongWhat:


Maybe people burn themselves out too fast.

I checked my achievement page and I did ~900 matches 1v1, 300 3v3 and about 2k total for the 3 battlegrounds. So ~4 matches per day for 2 years.


I think if you only do a few hours of PvP a week, enjoyment can last a long while. :HajoonLaugh:

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