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  1. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Adorable, isn't it? And they're calling it an exploit, which is just as adorable.
  2. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    Exploit? Hi, I heard you could get outfits easy and reinstalled the game. I don't subscribe to your special newsletter or whatever, but of course you can incorrectly call it an exploit as you please. Since nothing was circumvented or otherwise to the nature of "exploit" I'll continue to call it an appropriate use of in-game mechanics. Or if you want I can also simply call it your mistake. Thank you for returning the mechanika wing to me. It was the last piece of the set I needed and acquired last year, at cost to me. Please return the rest of the set and everything that you shouldn't have taken from me. @Hime Server: Yura Ticket #: 23597833 Mewtilator Mewthulu Mewpocalypse Masamewne Mewleficent Mewjangles Ammewnition Hey thanks a lot.
  3. Treasure trove costumes

    First time I've heard that keys are tiered. Regardless, every time I see someone say "It's RNG" I know they're trolling. RNG is RNG, but there's no excuse for a stacked list. eg. 50 of one item, 49 of another, and 1 (the one everybody wants) It's funny. It's lootbox gambling clear as a bell. Nobody stops to ask why NCSoft doesn't take cash for anything but NCCoin. Here's a hint: It's so they don't have to call it gambling. Ok that's more than a hint. Enjoy your addictions. :|
  4. The weight of those on top prevent everyone from getting anywhere. But that's what NCWest and NCSoft want.
  5. Hi! I came aboard Blade and Soul when it first came to North America. From what I saw of it I figured I was PVP bound, as I usually do. I felt lead on in a way, when I realized what kind of PVP this was and how it was ... uniquely different from other games. I left. Years later I came back. Other than a few key differences (low low low population) not much has changed over the years. I'm not singling out any class as there's an automatic dismissive response across the board. I've spoken with all classes, and people that have played for years. Everyone agrees, Arena is extremely boring. The consensus is that Arena is something nobody enjoys and everyone was relieved to have finished getting beans for stuff. In other words, the generally its a lot like torture/self-torture, for ALL parties. This game, for its own sake and whomever it concerns, needs to find alternatives to the unenjoyable aspects of the game. Like beans.
  6. No Dusk Adder Guard is spawning. I can't get out. I can't abandon the quest to retake it. Completely stuck. Portal not responsive. I think this is what they call "a blocker" Help please. Managed to leave. Re-entered. Quest complete.
  7. Unstoppable, uninterruptable, and downright silly. 100% to 0%, and there's nothing you can do about it. Nobody sees this is genuine skill vs. skill. When it happens, it agitates many to no end ( it's the constant complaint in every arena room) It's not that you're "butt-hurt" - it's because (whether you've invested time, or time + money) actual "playing" is halted, and you're reduced to just "watching" - you no longer have any involvement in what happens in PVP. I've been CC'd in many other games, but never to this degree. There could be other solutions to this, but I'm looking at the idea of diminishing returns. Excessive use of repeated skills yield less damage for a duration, thus ending bots, and forcing exploiters to engage in PVP, as you do. No more would PVP in this game be something you watch, and instead be something you do. I like to think that there are others that enjoy BnS and put a lot of time into it, and so I'm asking my fellow theory-crafting sages for ideas on any method of diminishing returns and more. Halp me, Obi-You-Kenobi. You are our only hope.
  8. The timing of its appearance and crippled FPS though.
  9. Yep. Note: I never use beta drivers.
  10. I ain't the only one getting this problem. Play a bunch of 1v1, when your FPS drops to a hilarious crawl, check your task manage for an unexpected second client.exe CPU - i7 5930K MB - Asus X99-E WS 3.1 RAM - 32GB (4x8) 3200 OC GPU - NVidia Poseidon 980 ti 6GB DISPLAY - ASUS PG279 27" OS - WIN10PRO64
  11. 2nd march patch summary

    I thought I found there were nerfs coming to Summoner's bee-sting-thing damage, among other things. Found it through the link provided on the main page. If I'm not mistaken.
  12. Bots Can Message You Via Mail Now...

    I've been planning to log each report I make of bot/spam, and check with a friend who has not yet once blocked or reported any spammers to see if the report system is merely an extended block function and capacity. It would be interesting to know.
  13. Bots Can Message You Via Mail Now...

    They do that in other NCSoft titles, like Aion. It's irritating, unchecked, and overwhelming.
  14. Note: I didn't read a single word posted, except for the thread title. It would probably do more good for NCSoft's pockets to do this. I offer no explanation.
  15. Bots - Fight fire with .... with what?

    I've played NCSoft games before, all the way back to Lineage 2. I can't "unknow" my experience with a great many things from a history of NCSoft titles.