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A reminder of the elephant in the room


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Please go and report the above post as a lie and insult to our intelligence. It's by far the most offensive bait these forums have ever witnessed.


I'm not even fully facetious. The issue has been known for over a year and reported countless of times by many of us with full data of everything. We have even pinpointed the patch out where the crashes begun happening and given you a ton of suggestions on how to fix the problem (or at least make it less game-breaking)... yet all we get are reassurances that the dev team is "looking into it"? How much of "looking" do you need to do? You know, any semi-competent programmer would've re-programmed the way battleground reviving works in a week from ground-up. Yet, a year of "looking into it" has gotten you nowhere. So what is it? Do you stand behind the claims that you're actively trying to fix the crashing but are just too incompetent (doesn't make you look very good) or is it time to admit that you just don't care (makes you look even worse)?


If it's the former, may I suggest you to hire some more qualified programmers. Even if just for the week it takes to get stuff done.


If it's the latter and you're only focused on making the whales spend more money, then let me point out that fixing the one game mode where whaling actually does something should be quite high on your bucket list.


I fully understand you get a lot of critique for the monetization and treatment of players et cetera. All f2p game companies do. But you're literally the only major game company ( /a localization team) in the world who has the gall to leave a game-breaking memory leak into their game for a year and expects the playerbase to just swallow it. That's a disgrace.

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