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Any recommendations on a good beginner dungeoning guide


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I'm pretty new.  I just finished the story questline up (not including) the Temple of Eluvium.  I haven't done any dungeons yet and have been trying to find a good guide for noobs like me.  What are the must have consumables, any etiquette unique to BNS, is there any key gear I must be into before considering certain dungeons, where is a good place to start for dungeoning and getting my feet wet, what is the first gearing dungeon I should run to get going?  Any guidance and any links to some good beginner guides would be really appreciated.

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I put a post on Reddit some time ago summarizing how to tackle each dungeon and raid, try this out:



Weekly challenge 12-mans: Dawn of Khanda Vihar, Fallen Aransu School, and Snowjade Fortress can all be done pretty much immediately provided you've done the corresponding orange questlines up to almost the end (the actual end requires a clear of the corresponding raid). Do these every week if possible since it's easy gold and materials. There should be 2 more of these coming in the near future but not sure exactly when.

Silverfrost dungeons are really old content and therefore really easy by comparison, not much reason to run them these days unless you insist on getting your Hongmoon skills through PvE or you need a quick finish for your daily challenge.

There are some solo dungeons throughout various points of PvE progression, these are a little harder to place since none of them require top gear but can prove to be quite tricky in terms of mechanics especially if it's your first time attempting them. More recent ones do require more gear but in the worst case scenario it stretches out into Pre-VT levels.

Koldrak's Lair is an instance you can get into at certain times of day, the major item of interest here is the Garnet gem, its usefulness depends on your class. While you can queue in with friends you cannot form a party in the instance so you're stuck with your solo performance for this boss.

Draken series dungeons: you can identify these by the chest you get after every run that gives a Draken Core, you trade in 200 of these for the accessory that drops from that dungeon. You'll need some runs across all of these to get your first Legendary Bracelet, Necklace, and Belt in roughly that order (you can ignore the Destiny Ring unless it happens to drop and you get it for free, no point in upgrading it). Consider getting a Xanos Earring and Black Dawn Ring for your element while you're there depending on how fast you're progressing.

After some farming of the above you should be ready for Skybreak Spires (referred to as Black Tower due to Korean translations). You can only do this once per week but you want the ring and earring for your element. If you get into a group that regularly kills Raven King you can get a weapon catalyst (the one you use depends on your class) that allows you to from from Seraph/Baleful 10 to Raven 1, if you haven't been lucky with this part but have gold to spare you can get a sealed version off the marketplace. Not only here but for all big raids you'll want a set of the soulshields that drop (for most classes it's the full 8-set but others are justified in keeping a 3-set from the previous raid).


Post-BT / Pre-VT

Hellion series dungeons: similar to the Draken series dungeons but more difficult. The Legendary accessories from this dungeon are mainly for PvP but some classes seem to like using the PvE versions. The real must-haves for PvE from these are the Gloves, Belt (replaces the old one but can be pretty much lowest priority if you don't have trouble staying alive in dungeons), and Bracelet. You'll also want some runs of some of these dungeons to get an item you can trade in for Obsidian gems which gives AP and Elemental Damage.

At roughly the same time as farming Hellion you can start trying to get experience in Temple of Eluvium/Scion's Keep, also known as Vortex Temple. Also a weekly lockout here but with a little flexibility in the sense that you have 2 instances here. For these your goals are the elemental necklace for your class, a Legendary Mystic badge, and a catalyst that allows you to transform a Raven 9 weapon into an Aransu 3 weapon.



Most of the dungeon content that would go here we don't have in NA yet but it should follow a similar pattern.

Since I'm making this post so close to the Eternal Night patch I might as well mention the upcoming raid Nightfall Sanctuary (most likely referred to as Twilight Temple) which offers replacements for BT accessories. This patch only gives half the raid resulting in 8/12 new accessories, the other 4 come from the 3rd boss and weapon catalysts off of the 4th boss that works the same but with Aransu 9 weapons. This raid should only be attempted after at least a couple months of VT clears and is the pinnacle of endgame content even in the Korean server.


Dungeon and raid guides: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DbHgNlej01lkqgJJQJr8pOv0ikSz5xr9


As far as consumables go, experiment with crafting on as many characters as you have since at least 3 crafting guilds give you some form of consumable but you're only allowed to be in 2 on a given character at the same time.


It would be best to try getting into a helpful clan when it comes to most of the PvE summarized above since the minimal gear needed to actually clear certain dungeons is far below what is commonly requested in cross-server.

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