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There are at least 3 classes that are having problem with the simple mode. I'm not talking about the "wrong rotation" but skill bugs.

I'm gonna update this topic as soon as I find other problems but I'm not using Simple Mode too often, the rotation (or the ani-cancel) is odd most of the time.





- Lightning Rod's cooldown is reduced by only 3 seconds instead of 6.


0) Switch to Lightning tree
1) Spec your 4 skill to Choke Bomb
2) Start the rotation by pressing 4 (Choke Bomb)
3) Start pressing RMB that uses: 4 - RMB - F
3.1) After the F (Lightning Pierce) skill the 4 (Lightning Rod) should be up (reduced by 6 seconds) but it isn't.






- Uses normal Galeforce instead of the Awakened-one.


0) Switch to Shadow tree
1) Spec your Emberstomp to Move 1 (not confirmed if HM skill is required or not)
2) Get a WL in your party
3) Start the rotation by WL Soulburn and press Emberstomp
3.1) By using the RMB + F rotation the normal Galeforce is used instead of the Awakened Galeforce.


- I have disabled the Mighty Cleave to test out things and I've found out that by doing so, the Wrath is not used during Fury.

This is not a huge problem since noone disables Mighty Cleave. But it might point out an inherited system bug that might cause other problems for other classes.


0) Switch to Earth tree
1) Disable Mighty Cleave (F) skill
2) Start the test by pressing Fury then hold down RMB.
2.1) It should alternate between Wrath and Cleave but it only does Cleave


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1 hour ago, Termix said:

Its visual bug like with axe weapon. Just look at mighty cleave cd icon when using wrath its reducing like it suppose to do but dont show it in combat log.

You have misunderstood something. :)

It's not about "wrath reduces mighty cleave cd" or not, it's about an underlying whole-system problem with the simple mode.

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I think there is no hope:


Thank you for contacting Blade and Soul Support Team. We have reviewed the bug you have reported regarding the Destroyer class, and in order for you to trigger the "Wrath" the enemy needs to be phantom gripped or grabbed. I hope this clarifies your inquiry. 

Wrath conditions:


- Target Grabbed or Phantom Gripped
- While Fury is active
- After using Power Slam
- Soulburn


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