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  1. Dungeon unavailable after i've done it !!??

    You can do Cold storage once per day. If you want to do it another Time you need to buy reset from f10.
  2. Simple mode

    You right. I read this again slowly this time and its my misunderstanding xD
  3. Simple mode

    Its visual bug like with axe weapon. Just look at mighty cleave cd icon when using wrath its reducing like it suppose to do but dont show it in combat log.
  4. https://games.steelseries.com/ucf/show/13845/boards/promotions/Giveaway/blade-soul-eternal-night-premium-bundle New codes from steelseries.
  5. Im out

    So you have big problem with net. I have quite old pc but my ping is never higher than 140ms only in this raid and only at 5pm and 9 pm. So its not game problem m8. And i dont use anything like wtfast, pingzapper, etc.
  6. You can farm any old lvl 50 dung it chan drop bunch of 10 crystals. For example yeti. You can easy solo it. Yesterday from solo yeti 15 runs i got like 100+ soulstone crystals.
  7. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    Lol we just did it with only 3 exp pple. Explanation before poh and no wipe xD Exp tank and exp lever person.
  8. Klan PL

    Witam. Czy obecnie funkcjonują jakieś polskie aktywne klany? Crimson legion.