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Returning because the (Western) stars aligned (+Skin recommendations?)


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I haven't played in. . .a very, very long time.

but i've been wanting to return since I saw the gunslinger came out! (I have a mild obsession with westerns so such a class is a complete 'OMG' for me)

Today I finally decided I have enough time to sit down and return to the game, and I was pleasantly surprised with the bovine lyn options, as I have a name left over from when I first started that ended up being perfect.


Quick Draw (. . . and the 2 name reserves) are what made me buy the founder's pack. So this whole thing has me really hyped to play again! ;w;


I dont think my unused founder's weapon skin works for gunslinger, so what do you guys recommend to match the quick draw outfit? *A* I still have left over NCCoin, but I am scared to spend it wastefully haha. 


Sorry if this is rambly!  I'm just really excited QwQ Please give me your weapon skin recommendations, and maybe show off your gunslingers to hype me even more? 




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Welcome back!


For me, I'd personally advise against spending your NCoins for now, and save them just in case the upcoming trove (should be around 20th of June) and summer event happens to have a skin (or skins) that you want. 


With that being said, it seems like they're rotating costumes and weapon skins every other day or so as of late (been doing so for almost a month now), so keep your eyes on that.


As for your weapon skin, going with the "Quick draw" name and "western-them" outfits (can't really see the outfit you're wearing as you're sitting down - but I am assuming it's also the Quick Draw Outfit (hella jealous XD), I'd suggest taking a look at:


- Gunwon/Cinderland Pistol (similar skins) - from quest & random mobs respectively.

- Raw Iron Pistol - Merchants all around Cinderlands.

- Skyhaven Pistol (similar to Gunwon/Cinderlands Pistol, with just a bit more brown to it) - from quest.

- Ujara Pistol - From Celestial Basin Vendor.

- Golden Deva Pistols - From Wheel of Fate (Golden Deva in Scorching Sands).

- Sovereign/Artisanal Infernal Phantom Pistols - From F5 (market) or Forgekeeper's Profession (somewhat pricey to make, but if you're lucky and get the Artisanal version, you can either sell them for a HUGE profit as it is extremely sort-after or keep it yourself  and has a mythical rate of dropping from the RNG boxes that you get via the Forgekeeper's Profession - Good luck if you do craft it or buy the boxes off the market).


Aside from those suggested, you can always head into your Showroom (F3) and check out all the different weapon skins (not every are listed on there, but the majority of them are) ^^

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Thank you! Yes, it's quick draw. ;w; added another photo for better view. I'll be sure to save to save my NCoins, then.  


Ooh, I adore the Skyhaven pistol! Also that website you just posted seems like it's going to be extremely convenient. 


Thank you so much for the help! 

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