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Please fix 3v3 ladder


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The stat of 3v3 is way much worst than 6v6 right now, there is only an average of 25 people ranked(gold) on each class even though we're like 5-6 weeks since last ladder reset, at the end of the season there will only be like 40 people on each class who will get season rewards, and that's one of the reasons why 3v3 is dead, because there's no merit to Q anymore only if you're really good at pvp.

Back when 6v6 was not that much alive anymore, you immediately changed ranking to starts from 1400 instead of 1600, why don't you make the same think for 3v3, maybe that way people will actually Q a little bit more than now.

And while you're at it, remove Dragon certificate requirment to get soulstone chest. i don't see why the game force us to do pve to get Something from pvp.

Please keep this topic alive :HajoonCheer:

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