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Newbie questions


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Hello there newbie here , i hit level55hm7 today, i reach yellow quest ( Act9: chapter 1 - its ask for go a yellow star ) but can't i dont found that yellow star 



also i had many items in inventory i dont know what to keep and what not also in warehouse need help by mark the thing that i destroy by X >>>> hope some1 do it for me


abut weapon what to upgrade seraph or the other ? 

i'll put screen shot for my warehouse sec :D



here we go all those for what ? ? ?


please if u need help just a full replay + mark 


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 Act9: chapter 1 is unreleased, so your story is finished. You should finish that orange story, khanda vihar unlocks the weekly mini-raid dawn of khanda vihar.



  • Salvage the old 8 piece soulshield.
  • Consume those quest letters, they just taking up space or throw them away if you dont wanna do the quests
  • That green lantern earring, you can put it in showroom (F3). Showroom is free, even for non premium plebs. You can even put the pink penguin in showroom (I think). You can even put any weapon of your class. So weapon showroom is pretty good storage.
  • You can use the primer as currency to buy critical soulshield primer from dragon express and use that on your MSP soulshield. Cheap and good crit boost. Your next upgrade is going to be BT soulshield and that might be a while until you get it.
  • Triangle gems... Hmmm you can chuck those away.
  • For warlock go seraph. Even if seraph gives stacks whenever you get hit, the leech cd reduction is good. Baleful skill reset doesnt reset leech or soulburn. So Im pretty sure seraph > baleful for WL
  • You can keep lucent, pinnacle accesories in vault. They are used to upgrade legendary stuff and you will eventually need them. But you can always farm them if you need them, your call.


  • Salvage that old pirate (or whatever) weapon. You'll get gold + mats
  • Throw those green rings and belts
  • venture token, I would wait until I have premium to use those cause you get a lot more. With premium you get like 130 hm coins, without you get like 80.
  • You basically have a lot of low level upgrade materials, some are even obsolete. You can just throw them away, or if you want to keep them, just mail them to a mule alt.
  • Put weapons in F3 showroom



  • Those gold bars, vendor those to get gold, they have no other use.
  • Those wheel essences, if you dont need them to spin the wheel anymore, just sell them.
  • Not sure what that item is on the bottom row, 3rd from the left. Never seen that icon before.
  • Low level mats moonwater tear, viridian poison, horns. Just try sell or send to mule alt if you wanna keep.

Maybe there's other stuff to add, this is all I can think of right now


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