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SHADOW DES simplified combat bug (+wl badge bonus)


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I've been using simplified mode for destroyer since it puts rmb+f together and nothing more and i noticed something. Soulburn happens, and galeforce is not awakened, then i check again, and there it is , awakened galeforce. Upon further inspection I've found the culprit. Emberstomp. Having Emberstomp applied on an enemy forces regular galeforce over awakened. Tried multiple times, can confirm.

Wheter or not it varies with HM Emberstomp and normal Emberstomp I cannot check since I have HM skill unlocked. This is with emberstomp skill 1 (additional damage).

All of the above happens only with simplified combat, turning it off makes everything work properly.


Also, WL invincible badge on ICE build loses its "alluvion" part of the effect if simplified combat in on, as in, no instant casts on wingstorm and dragoncall.

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