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Is this for real?

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This is a second time I fight assassin that this happens. Since I am assasin main I am confused to what really is this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.


I was on my BM this time in arena and I noticed than my Tab escape dosnt work vs this assassin. As soon as  I get stunned it appears for a blink of a second, but then the icon dissapears right at the time I press it. The whole 2 rounds I wasnt able to use Tab escape. The first round (which I won) this wasnt the problem, but after he went full Blue buff dps mode+poson and I was dead in 3 secs cuz couldnt use Tab escape.

This is btw sesond time I see this vs assassin. I remember being on my kfm when this once happende too, but I thought its just some ping problem.

Any1 knows what is this?

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