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Daily Quest bug (since patch 5/9)


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I thought it's weird why i have no daily quest for Ebondrake Citadel.


So i logged in on other character and check again, with recorded screencapture.
And i saw there is indeed bug. But when i play other dungeons, i saw another weird bug.


Bug #1:

In Dungeon room, you can see list with dungeons. Some are marked with daily quest icon.

I go first to Ebondrake Citadel (on 10/5 today) and get all 3 quests from NPC. This is first one from lower part list.

When finished, the indicator for Daily Challenge stays 0/3. What happened here?

The third quest, which is always used for daily challenges, is not properly flagged as daily quest.

It's just normal quest.

But it's clearly listed in the dungeon list. Both characters have same effect.


Bug #2:

When trying next marked dungeon, Naryu Sanctum at same day, i got indeed daily quest from NPC (correctly flagged).

You think i have completed daily challenge step? Yes, the number raised.

But back again in the dungeon room, i saw again strange bug in the list.

The dungeon Naryu Sanctum was NOT marked as 'completed' daily quest.

Instead of it, the another dungeon Irontech Forge was marked as completed, just above.

But i have not done Irontech Forge.

Which i will mark it as bug #2.


Seems the daily quest/challenge system is messed up.

Wrong marked quests at NPC, and wrong marked completed quests.


That is sure messed bug! :HajoonSurprised:

Before patch, everything worked perfect, marked correctly daily quests, also correctly marked what is completed.

But this new patch broke the system...


Should fixed asap, because i think it will more harder for players to complete daily challenge because wrong marked quests.

Don't wait whole week with this bug.


Who can confirm the bug? I heard from some clan members they saw same problem as me.

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Next day, i can see more about Daily Challenge bug.

This time i have examined the bug carefully. What did i see?

The flagged quests in Daily Challenge list is not same as list in Cross Server Dungeon room (F8 key). Oh, this is so stupid bug.

Before patch, both lists are identical marked.

After patch, both are NOT identical.

Why are both lists not identical? No idea, but Dragon room list seems completely random marked quests.


One thing for sure: the list from Daily Challenge is correct. That is where you click on right side of the GUI where you see "Daily Challenge" and "Weekly Challenge" are flashing.

But we need F8 room to enter dungeons, and that is not more easy because the messed up list there will confuse players.

I know because if i select marked dungeons (without visible daily quests icon) the gathering of members takes much longer than normal. Not funny.

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