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Light or Dark


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Hello i`m sin and soon i will have VT items. 


I have tried both light / dark build. I know that LIGHT does more dps than DARK....is that true ? because dark have also BB reduction and idk how can LIGHT still do more dps.


What is best choice to play sin at his maximum potential...light or dark. pls tell me :D

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Although it might be a little late, play the build which playstyle you like the most.

Lightning build has a higher dps in parse, but in the actual raids and dungeons dark build does the same or even more dps due the fact, that there are mechanics which needs to be executed. So if you would list the pros and cons atm I guess it's somehow looking like this:


pros light:

- high mobility

- highest dps in parse

- you can fight normal monsters without any effort, as they don't see you in stealth stance


cons light:

- no dmg out of stealth

- some boss mechanics make it impossible for you to stay in stealth at certain moments = dmg loss

- if you're assigned to do certain mechanics it can break up your rotation = dmg loss

- you have to switch stances every 10 seconds

- if you want to use 2 for yourself or party protection, you have to switch stances

- this build is heavily relying on animation cancel (about 9 in 10 seconds), which can cause huge trouble if your ping and/or fps aren't/isn't stable



pros dark:

- stable rotation due to reset of choke bomb on use of venom slash (which makes it easy to start the rotation again after doing mechanics)

- you never have to go into stealth stance, except you need to use 2 or q

- getting hit by normal attacks doesn't affect your rotation

- you just have to do 1 animation cancel in 10 seconds

- with the current badges you always have a 60 second cooldown on bluebuff to synchronize with soulburn (lightning doesn't if you use the arcana soul badge)


cons dark:

- low mobility


Anybody may add things to this list. So if you want to play the most effective way damage wise for raid/dungeon I would suggest you to go dark build.


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