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I am somewhat conflicted about threat and which skill to choose and Defense Piercing.  Plus was in a group and was hugely criticized for not holding aggro.  And was told I had a way other than potions to heal.  I am only HM 10 and not in a clan (can't join one at this time due to work conflicts) and I read here on forums that in addition to use threat likely needed to outdamage the other classes.  I have 2 of the 3 legendaries I can buy but at 1 Draken core per day that will take a while.  At this rate at least 3 to 6 months.  My weapon is at stage 9 and the 2 legendaries I do have Oath Necklace at Stage 4 and Eternity Belt at Stage 3 and maxed.  So I chose to put everything in attack.  Thereby there lies my being conflicted.  Also I have Transcendence Soul Badge and in a week should have Skyrift Mystic Badge.  Further I read that unless I am HM 11 and fixed both the aggro and damage that people would infer I want to be carried.  I am doing best I can honestly.


So tonight I went over skills and have questions.  I will list them and any help and/or suggestions would be extremely helpful.


1.  Defense Piercing.  Not quite sure what it precisely does from the text.


Soaring Falcon is currently in Knockdown.  Would that be prudent to change that to defence piercing?

Shoulder Charge has the ONLY heal I even see and in defence piercing you get a measely 10% of your hpts heals.  For me that would be no more than 11,500 hpts.  I am not sure it would be worth that.


2.  Threat.  I notice there are 3 skills for Threat but I doubt you can choose threat on all 3 and they stack.  Threat increases by 200% for 30 sec on use.


Rush I found out with threat adds 3 sec to approach which means a 9 sec instead of a 6 sec.  If you are attempting to hold Threat seem not to be a good idea.

Lightning Draw going with threat you lose the additional damage which is what I have it in.  I wasn't sure that was a good idea.

Lunar Slash from increase damage to threat.  That seemed the best idea since because it was the least loss of damage.


Now if I am wrong with my conclusions would appreciate input.  I just want to do better.  I never want to be carried.


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You shouldn't have problems holding aggro with players that don't have drastically better gear than you (in which case you won't do too much wherever you are with them anyway). And I don't know where you read that you need to outdamage them, 200% increase in threat means the boss sees you as doing triple the damage of other members.
Not sure what you want to say with that gear talk so I won't get into it.

by "everything in attack" and "HM 11" for "aggro and damage" I take it you mean HM points and getting the 50 points bonus in offense as well as 10 points for threat. For that you need HM 12. Though again apart from maybe the burst of a certain class you shouldn't need any more than the 300% total with just the base increase. And for 50 points in offense it's your choice but I'd value health more if you have problems surviving, implied by what you said about healing.
Defense piercing does what it says - pierce defensive skills. You're not likely to see this at work in PvE but it is huge in PvP, for which you can find as many guides covering that part as you like.
Soaring Falcon normally goes in stun with the 10% AP increase per enemy hit. Doesn't sound like much and nowadays with other buffs doesn't do too much either but at least back in Asura times I saw a few k dps increase in Battle Record after I got it.
Shoulder charge is not your only heal - HM Block heals 10% as well. And I wouldn't dare underestimate these skills and their healing. In PvP shoulder charge is a tab-level iframe in my opinion, but that most likely doesn't concern you. Still, the 10% heal, 1.5 second resist and the triggered cyclone upon resisting help a ton in PvE too. The 3rd stage is definitely worth taking, not like anything else is any use on bosses.

Threat from those skills does not stack.

I keep Rush on the 6 second spec, the other 2 or even just one of them is plenty.

If you read again, you'll notice that stage 2 lightning draw only does additional damage to CC'd (affected by stun, daze, knockdown etc.) enemies. I'm fairly certain it will never outdamage any boss against the 1st/3rd stages since those do more base damage. Not to mention the increased cooldown which further decreases damage in comparison AND the triggers for other buffs (the skyrift mystic badge triggers on Lightning Draw iirc).

as for Lunar Slash, "since because it was the least loss of damage"? What? They have exactly the same properties except for the added threat.

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I was referring in all this the text of each skill.  I did not have anything else to go by.  Only been playing since January or February of this year.  Been trying to figure all this out best I could.  I will make some changes based on what you posted here and see if it helps.


Thank you for this help.

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