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  1. I tried to use this in an upgrade for an item and it would not take it. Based on its description I would think I could. What is it actually used for?
  2. Shatriya


    I was referring in all this the text of each skill. I did not have anything else to go by. Only been playing since January or February of this year. Been trying to figure all this out best I could. I will make some changes based on what you posted here and see if it helps. Thank you for this help.
  3. Shatriya


    I am somewhat conflicted about threat and which skill to choose and Defense Piercing. Plus was in a group and was hugely criticized for not holding aggro. And was told I had a way other than potions to heal. I am only HM 10 and not in a clan (can't join one at this time due to work conflicts) and I read here on forums that in addition to use threat likely needed to outdamage the other classes. I have 2 of the 3 legendaries I can buy but at 1 Draken core per day that will take a while. At this rate at least 3 to 6 months. My weapon is at stage 9 and the 2 legendaries I do have Oath Neckla
  4. Ok thanks. I will do that. Rebuilding up my Solar Energy now. Looks like I need Eternity for now. What is the effect of Ancestral?
  5. Okay will give that a try. 86 items is a bit too many to look at. Thanks.
  6. Is Eternity, Alluvion or Courage available through Dragon Express? I hate it that I used 125 Solar Energy to get Transcendence. I will start researching how to get them. Just asked in case I can't figure it out :) What effects does Eternity, Alluvion or Courage have? I ask because I just tried to find that out and my searches have not said what they are for a Blade Master. From what you wrote, suggests that Courage is the one I ought to go for. Appreciate any advice you can give me. I am fairly new to the game and only am HM 10 with a couple of legendary items. Since both A
  7. Yesterday I did the login rewards and Daily Dash. In addition to the exp charm now the gears and anything from Daily Dash is greyed out. I have over 86 10k exp charms I can't get to and now I can't get to the gears OR what I see from Daily Dash. Unfortunately I don't know how to petition. I am open to suggestions. Could use some help.
  8. Ok did my research and I am a lightning Blade Master. Everything suggested to get Transcendence. So I did and found out it was to help Blade Storm. To date I have NEVER seen that pop up. Only Warding Spirit. I looked and I see no way that Blade Storm can even show up. It should but does not during Flock of Blades. Is this a bug?
  9. Yes I am new. I just looked at it again and it does seem weak. Will look for another earring for that slot. Thanks for all the responses.
  10. I have searched the Internet to no avail for any information. Immortality Earring from Achievement Merchant requires Shell Hath No Fury. Can someone tell me where the quest is located?
  11. Ok last night I did this and the leader took one item and left the party. So I took the loot as only person left. I did not know if they use a blasted scale they are entitled to everything. I am sorry I find that lame. Did not know about this so called unwritten rule. So enter tonight and I just wanted one item that was insignificant, a tablet. I got told I will be reported because I *tried* to bid when last night noone said a thing. The brat got it all. Guess that is the last time I ever do that one. I just was trying to get items to upgrade my weapon. One thing tho. No
  12. I have 5 of the Blade Master legendary soul shield at this point. I read somewhere to equip what I have. It helped a lot. I finally took the dratted mayor down. Block wasn't working for me and even right near the mob he was jumping on me and smacking me down. I did stop backing up and with 5 of the 8 soul shield (have not gotten the final 3). Well it seemed to help. Anyway what you say here helps a lot. I know this is a challenging class and only harder one by what the website says is Kung Fu Master. Anyway onto next challenge :)
  13. I am very new to the game but I am stuck trying to kill the Corrupted Mayor of Yurido. I play a Blade Master and it seems about every other movement the mob crashes into me thus I lose a lot of dps. Can someone please tell me how I can kill this beast? Also I do not have premium.
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