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Might As Well Remove Open World PVP...


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From what I seen since the server merge, pretty much all combat in Open World PvP came to a screeching halt because one side is usually filled with bots and the other side is full of actual players who control those bots. Meaning the other side's numbers will be artificially inflated while their true numbers are extremely low, meaning it is a cake walk for the other faction using the bots to walk through any opposing faction if there is any at all. If you wonder why faction world pvp is pretty much dead, you got only yourself to blame NCsoft, you let it get this bad. Take the world PvP bosses and content... turn it into PvE content and be done with it. You failed....

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It's more along the lines of, weaker people being picked on by higher geared people. When I restarted, every time I turned around, my character was being killed

by some HM 15+ with endgame gear and no one around, in my faction, helped at all.

So it's like an eat crap kind of deal.

If you're not apart of a clique, you can die.


Not only that, it's like Open world PvP only benefits high end geared players

it's literally like trying to go into nova, beluuga or whirlwind valley, without benefits, as a baleful, up against Aransu players.

You're just camped and they're happy you gave them more kill counts.

Pvp gear is a pain to get itself, you either have to grind for it foor a really long time or

you have to go to battle grounds and get your head handed back to you up your colon, while people mock and laugh at you

and talk crap because you're trying to get better and stronger. This is what open world pvp is, but without being able to get anything for pvp.

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