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Broken Character Search in F2 window


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It's confirmed the Character Search function is bugged.

When i search for some character names in my clan, the server returned the message the character is not found.


It seems the characters with space in names are mostly bugged. But single names without space NOT always working.


And funny more, if i search for "ArioI", i get way more results than needed. Examine every result, i got also characters where name is NOT inside found, but more "Ari" or "Ariooo" or "Ari oo" which is very strange search result!!!!!

Even other names will show randomly results. That is not what we wanted with useless extra results.


My conclusion: search system is bugged. OR.... it depends on Korean characters, that explains why i got different results. The engine is perhaps not adjusted and made for Western characters.


I think the Character search is very bugged or broken. It's never fixed in 2 years BnS game. Unbelievelable.


To get correct character results, you need type directly name in profile link. That will work. But F2 has no link window, so i must search it outside game in the webbrowser.

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Oh ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, i think i found the problem.


The search system has own seperated character database. I can find my characters, but they showed another levels and is not UPDATED to new levels.

Which means the database is very poorly updated for months, perhaps for one year never updated. This explains why new characters are never found in search.


Only old characters which are for long time in the game (long time ago added), is added to search database. They are indeed found if i search for it.


How come the search database is never updated for months? This explains why search systems looks bugged because some characters are not found, but it's now clear: it's not inside the search database because it's never updated, lol....


But why.... why is it never updated? Ther might another hidden bug on the server code where prevents properly update the search database.
Still unbelievelable no one saw this problem. If the search database is soon properly updated, all problems will gone.

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