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How to fix Valentine's Day event


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I guess a lot of people think this even is just BAD. Unfair, trolls, too much time.


This event is just:

- Do Daily Challange/Weekly Challange/Weekly quests

- Try to spin (Hope there won't be a troll and you can just stand in a line)

- Wait ages to get the heart.


I think the idea is not that bad to PVP at Valentine's day. That i find bad is that it's not the event for the lower geared people. HM12+ people are killing everyone just because they have nothing to do. With the great ultimate AOE skills you can just kill 10+ people at the same time. Of course the lower geared people can spin and survive if they try it at 4am. Solution: You did it in poharan dungeon that everyone had the same stats so gear wasn't the matter in that event. Why couldn't you make this with the outfit? If you put on the event outfit everyone gets 320AP and 40.000HP etc. With this way open world PVP would have been fun, because gear doesn't matter, only your skills and teamwork. But no let's make another event where lower level people can't spin because they just get 1-shot by the whales. Other thing is the spin time. 18 seconds? really? Let's go with a Wednesday. Weekly was reset. Let's go with 1000 people. Everyone do the weekly+daily. That means you can get 8 boxes = hearts. We have 9 channels but to make this easier we got with 10 channel. Every channel 50-50 Heart breaker and Lover. If they are in a line and doing it friendly and everything it takes 900 second for the 50-50 player to spin 1 heart. Since on Wednesday the maximal you can get is 45 it would take 40.500 second for 1 channel (100 people) to spin the 45 heart and that only if nobody is killing the other and everyone is in a line. This 40.500 second is 11+ hours. If the servers come back after the maintenance. at 18:00 o'clock and let's say this 1000 people finish the daily+weekly at 19:00 o'clock they would finish to spin the 45 heart around 06:00 o'clock. I think it's a good idea that people can cancel the spin with PVP because it makes it a bit competitive but the 18 second is just too much. Just think about it that lower geared people will get 1 shot so they have 0 chance to survive the 18 seconds. If higher geared people react in time they have the chance to survive the surprise attack but at higher gear there is different between the HM11/12 gear and the HM16/17.


What the Blade & Soul Team should do to make this event fun?

- If you wear the event faction outfit your stats will be xxx AP, xxx HP etc.

- The spin time should be maybe 3-5 seconds.


Thanks for reading my topic, please share your idea if you have anything in your head, and hopefully the Blade & Soul team will see this and make some changes.

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I think what would help is to just let people spin. Cut the spin time to like 2 seconds, and don't require the outfit.

Getting the items is pointless if you don't do the Pvp part.. so let those who are ready for Pvp do their Pvp, and let the people who are just trying to get their spins in, get their spins in.

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