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  1. i'm gonna leaving the game

    My friend needed 35 weeks for fire earring. :thinking:
  2. act 3 chapter 28 how to continue

    You should get a letter and then go to Mushin's Tower. In Mushin's Tower at the second floor you have to speak with Yura, then some thing with mushin in another room. From there Yura will open a portal for you and that will take you to Silverfrost
  3. How to fix Valentine's Day event

    Hello, I guess a lot of people think this even is just BAD. Unfair, trolls, too much time. This event is just: - Do Daily Challange/Weekly Challange/Weekly quests - Try to spin (Hope there won't be a troll and you can just stand in a line) - Wait ages to get the heart. I think the idea is not that bad to PVP at Valentine's day. That i find bad is that it's not the event for the lower geared people. HM12+ people are killing everyone just because they have nothing to do. With the great ultimate AOE skills you can just kill 10+ people at the same time. Of course the lower geared people can spin and survive if they try it at 4am. Solution: You did it in poharan dungeon that everyone had the same stats so gear wasn't the matter in that event. Why couldn't you make this with the outfit? If you put on the event outfit everyone gets 320AP and 40.000HP etc. With this way open world PVP would have been fun, because gear doesn't matter, only your skills and teamwork. But no let's make another event where lower level people can't spin because they just get 1-shot by the whales. Other thing is the spin time. 18 seconds? really? Let's go with a Wednesday. Weekly was reset. Let's go with 1000 people. Everyone do the weekly+daily. That means you can get 8 boxes = hearts. We have 9 channels but to make this easier we got with 10 channel. Every channel 50-50 Heart breaker and Lover. If they are in a line and doing it friendly and everything it takes 900 second for the 50-50 player to spin 1 heart. Since on Wednesday the maximal you can get is 45 it would take 40.500 second for 1 channel (100 people) to spin the 45 heart and that only if nobody is killing the other and everyone is in a line. This 40.500 second is 11+ hours. If the servers come back after the maintenance. at 18:00 o'clock and let's say this 1000 people finish the daily+weekly at 19:00 o'clock they would finish to spin the 45 heart around 06:00 o'clock. I think it's a good idea that people can cancel the spin with PVP because it makes it a bit competitive but the 18 second is just too much. Just think about it that lower geared people will get 1 shot so they have 0 chance to survive the 18 seconds. If higher geared people react in time they have the chance to survive the surprise attack but at higher gear there is different between the HM11/12 gear and the HM16/17. What the Blade & Soul Team should do to make this event fun? - If you wear the event faction outfit your stats will be xxx AP, xxx HP etc. - The spin time should be maybe 3-5 seconds. Thanks for reading my topic, please share your idea if you have anything in your head, and hopefully the Blade & Soul team will see this and make some changes.
  4. whats with the stupid time limit on dungeons.

    problem with that is u don't include when u have to iframe or doing mechanics. - 1st and 2nd boss almost good, i would say +5k cuz of blocking/cc/iframe. - 3rd boss should't be a problem with 30k if u can do mechanics fast - 4th boss i would say 10k-15k+ because if u can't grab her somehow u have to turn away and stop the dps. it's around 10s time u don't dps/phase that means u lose in this 30s 1.110.000DMG. - Last boss you mustn't forget the cats. If you just need let's say with ur 29.100dps u need around 40-50s to clear cats /if u can at least stack them together if u solo kill them it's around 1min 40s/phase that means 3min 20s that u don't DPS boss, which is around 5.800.000 DMG if you do 29.100 DPS. and that is A LOT almost half of the boss HP. i'm not saying that it's a hard dungeon but don't write this min. DPS for the bosses. I would say around 60-70k const. DPS u can clear it easily
  5. whats with the stupid time limit on dungeons.

    On which boss did u stuck in Outlaw Island? Cuz with 1022 AP you should be able to clear until last boss.
  6. whats with the stupid time limit on dungeons.

    to get 850AP it's probably the easiest thing. Now if u just complete Jewels quest part 1 u get 250 Draken core, get 10 NS run easy bracelet. It should be enough boost to get Naksun. Bracelet is now a free item u don't need to pay 1000g like before. The only reason u don't have it cuz u are lazy as **** and you are crying here.
  7. whats with the stupid time limit on dungeons.

    give me a low AP fresh out of the story KFM and i'll make a video for you
  8. Poharan is unkillable

    Stop crying o/
  9. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    Well also good way to get soul shield, for higher gear ppl the PVP one, lower geared ppl can get Raven ss, u can see a lot that ppl can't find raid cuz they have bad gear. At least if they have 5-8 Set BT they have the chance to get it. Anyway i wouldn't spam this dungeon either. Just wanted to help those who had no idea about the dungeon and either they want to spam it for obsi or just getting outfit.
  10. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    ofc it's good if higher geared ppl know the mecha, it's 99% same as lvl45 poho. But the problem is 90% of the ppl have never done that dungeon.
  11. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    This event it better for lower gear players. Ofc pain in the a** but lower geared ppl can't clear IF yet. Even if they clear it probably they won't have the gold to get it. Last event was both for the higher and lower geared ppl but with this they try to help the lower geared ppl even if it's just a tiny help. U can't expect that HM7-8 ppl will multi IF and get Hexa from that
  12. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    I don't say it's worth or anything. But i kinda had enough that people are crying that NCSoft are bad, fix dungeon, bug, too hard etc. With this at least people will know a little bit more about the dungeon and they can't keep crying it's hard and bugging.
  13. Stop Crying, Learn Poharan Mechanics

    I can see EVERYWHERE that people are crying because of the new Poharan event. I just want to tell all of you, i've never lost a single Dragon Blood in the dungeon. Let me tell you, only thing what you need is for this dungeon is brain. And some class. Let's start it, Team set-up: Best: - 1 WL - 1 BB - 1 Tank - 1 Resist - 2 Grab (Best) / 1 Grab & 1 Healer (Good) / 1 Grab & 1 DPS (Okay) Good: - 1 WL/ 1 Grab/ 1 BB (2 of these should be in the party) - 1 Tank - 1 Resist - Rest DPS OK: - 1 WL/1 Grab/ 1 BB ( at least one of these) - 1 Tank - 1 Resist Advice: Use Mild Dumpling: 4.500 HP, 450 Defense, 450 Health Regen, Heroic Friendship Charm: Critical 200, Defense 200, Health Regen 2000, On critical hit 40 Life drain, Bruiser Charm: 10 AP, Nayru Coin: you can buy Dragon blood with that. 1st Boss: Gate Keeper: Roles that you need: - Tank - Resist Good to have - WL - BB - Grab 2 best way to kill a boss: 1st: you pull the boss and the adds together and then AOE them fast so you can only focus on the adds. 2nd: For this you need an FM or a BD, the BD/FM will use Grab, bring one of the adds away from everyone and on that add use Unconscious skill. Then you only focus on 1 add and the boss and kill the other add at the end of the fight. Mechanics: The boss will jump one and after that he will use Projectiles attack. Stack together and with Assassin/Summoner/FM etc. just resist it. After that he will use 3 heat attacks. Best way to block it with Destroyer/FM or you can also use BD/BM resist. Also a good way is to use Summoner/Assassin party stealth but it can only resist 2 attack so you have to SS/Solo resist the 3rd heat attack. The OK way is everyone solo resist every heat attacks. After that the boss will swim towards the tank, use block to stop him. 2nd Boss: Chef: Just dps and cc the boss whenever you can. When she uses the Timer Bomb attack, just party resist it. She will spawn an add. Best way: Unconscious the add, Good: + Tank for add who can dps while tanking the add/Summoner cat, OK: just AOE CC the boss and the add at the same time. The add is a single CC add so everyone can CC it. 3rd Boss: Annoying Force Master: CC the boss whenever you can, careful with the boss AOE attack on the ground. When add spawn you can either kill it or just unconscious it, it has only around 300k HP. 4th Boss: Loli Queen Poharan: Roles: - Tank - Lever - Range tank Good to have: - WL/Grab/BB - Healer - Resist Attacks: There are 2 attacks that you must remember. 1st: Air attack: At this attack Poharan will air the tank and deal massive DMG to him but she is CC able. Try to cc her as fast as you can and if you have grab then grab her. 2nd: AOE Ring: Poharan will jump to the middle and put down a bomb. She will step on it and it will create a ring attack staring from the inside goes outside, and after that from outside it fill come towards inside again. Either you can ss or solo resist it or use party iframe. Any other attack: You can try to CC most of the attack if you want and grab her so you can get more DPS or just ignore it and dodge it. Mechanics: Ice Phase: At first 60% Poharan will jump to the middle. The game will write a message: The steam vents has reached maximum pressure. Either at the left side or the right side the vents will start steaming and one of the lever will be useable. Standing: There are vents at: 12/1/3/4/6/7/9/10 o'clock. As i just mentioned before only half of the side will turn on. Which ever side is turned on you can see it just checking which lever are usable. (You have to watch is as it's on the map so where the Poharan's Camp text, that side is North) Right side turned on: Teams stands at 3 o'clock, tank can stand at 60% either at 1 o'clock or 4 o'clock. (When the adds spawn down the Range tank has to stand either at 1 or 4 o'clock NOT together with the tank. Like this: Tank 1 o'clock, Team: 3 o'clock, Range tank: 4 o'clock) Left side turned on: Teams stands at 9 o'clock, tank can stand at 60% either at 10 o'clock or 7 o'clock. (Same as other side sharing the vents) Roles: - Lever: Lot of people think the levers are bugging but no they are not bugging. You have to time it because if you turn them on they will give you resist only for around 4 seconds. You kinda have to listen the PI PI PI PI background sound to time it. Just need some time and try it. - Tank: As i mentioned before the tank shouldn't stand with the team at ice phase. The boss will shoot AOE bombs that last for more than 10 seconds. She will use that before the ice bomb will explode so if you manage to move like that you can "bait away" the aoe bombs and then stack with teams. (but standing alone is better because if you messed up you could kill your party) Adds Phase: Poharan will spawn down 2 cute Tiger. I do not recommend to kill them because both of it has 2.000.000+ HP and it would take too much time. You can either ignore them and take the dmg from them (They hit quiet a lot) OR use a range tank - Range Tank: Attack the adds and try to deal like 1% dmg of both add HP and then just run with them around. While you are running try to DPS the boss as much as you can. When ice phase is try not to stand with the party. (Just recommend, easier to survive) When the Adds spawned down only the range tank should attack them Hope i could help with this and also hope that you will stop crying now and clear this dungeon. My favorite set up is: With friends/Clan (So you can use Voice Chat) 1. Blade Master 2. Assassin 3. Warlock 4. Force Master 5. Blade Dancer 6. Destroyer Why: You have all the buff and also 2 grab which is A LOT of DPS and you also have a lot of resist. Good luck with the dungeon, keep farming it guys!
  14. how to lose 6v6 points (ranking) fast

    If u quit from a game u lose 60 point i guess. I was around top 90 trying to get higher before season end. i dc'ed twice in a row and i even lost my ranking.
  15. New Daily Challenge on Wednesday

    If u open the DC thing where u can accept the quests, u see top middle 3 option. 1 is "today" daily "tomorrow" daily and Weekly