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Launcher problems


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When I open the launcher and click "Play now" nothing happens. The launcher closes itself like it always does, but nothing else happens. The game doesn't start and doesn't appear in the task manager at all.

Things I have tried:

-Reinstalling only the game

-Reinstalling only the launcher

-Reinstalling the launcher and the game

-Deleting some files that might be the problem in the game directory (Client.exe and the XignCode folder)

-Deleting the BnS folder from documents

-Running with a 32-bit Client

-Switching on and off Windows firewall (I don't use any third-party software)

-Updating my drivers

-Switching to another internet connection


Windows (Windows Pro Insider) had an update 2 days ago and the problem has occurred since I have updated my PC. I don't know a lot about those problems and would like to ask for help. I really hope that someone has found a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance!

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