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Help With Choosing Class


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Hi, I’ve played this game a few times before but always end up quitting then returning a couple patches later being confused again :) 


I would like to know which is the “best” overall class that is good for both pvp and pve, I personally have an interest in SF, BM and GUNNER, I have played them before but never to end game so I have little knowledge about them. 


I’m not asking for someone to choose a class for me, this is more of a request of giving me some info about certain classes and such. 


I’d greatly appreciate any help! 

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Well for pve, as bm you are expected to tank, just a heads up ;) So if you don't like that randoms will kinda hate you, not sure if it is worth the trouble then. But the bladedancer is kinda similar, but more damage orientated if I got that right (if you like the swords style). As bm you are very requested as tank and got some group protect as well and a spammable block.

As Gunner you are ranged with the most dps ingame currently (with fire element), so if you are talking endgame, you might get aggro as well because you outdamage everyone ;) but many people like it nevertheless, it is mobile and has a reset for major buffs, other than that just damage. For the reset and damage it is nice in a group, but gunner is also the most played class (or it feels like it), not everyone likes that.

The SF can change between melee and ranged, but I think to do more damage you kinda have to be melee... I am no expert there though. They have a hp buff and group ress (mostly interesting for raids or mandatory for the highest end game dungeon we have right now one boss, at least now). I have seen sf do real good damage, but they were rather good geared, so not sure how lower geared damage looks like.


Pvp depends on wich you wanna do. 1v1/3v3 or 6v6. In 1v1/3v3 gear is equalized, in 6v6 it is not. I am really a pvp noob, but for 1v1 and 3v3 you can look up what is played in the tournaments (last thing I read was warlock and bladedancer, but again, no expert). In 6v6 Gunner is bursting people down even with pve gear, but again, good pve gear. Not sure about the other classes there. 


The question is, why are you quitting ;) finding a class that you really like will probably help with that, regardless of what is good in pve or pvp. Especially as all classes are viable in pve.

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