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  1. Hi, I’ve played this game a few times before but always end up quitting then returning a couple patches later being confused again :) I would like to know which is the “best” overall class that is good for both pvp and pve, I personally have an interest in SF, BM and GUNNER, I have played them before but never to end game so I have little knowledge about them. I’m not asking for someone to choose a class for me, this is more of a request of giving me some info about certain classes and such. I’d greatly appreciate any help!
  2. Hi guys, So i use to play ages ago but just started playing again and im really enjoying the soul fighter. I've seen people complain about soul fighters in PVP saying they are weak, but i remember everyone use to complain about class's being weak or overpowered, mainly as just as an excuse for getting railed lol. But i just want some info on what they are like in PVP (an unbiased opinion)? I have no HM Skills either :) Also which is better for PVP Earth or Frost build? Thanks!
  3. What are soul fighter like in PVP

    Thanks for your reply :D I'm pretty bad at pvp and well.. blade and soul in general, i'm currently playing with the frost build as i struggle playing with the earth build :( But ill try it out and see how it goes. Thanks for your insight i was pretty curious about the class's position in this patch, hopefully it will improve later on as i quite enjoy playing the soul fighter, having close and long range stances makes it more fun for me. Thanks1 :)
  4. Hi guys, me and my friend have just started playing the game again and we are currently homeless atm :^) Just thought id post on here to see if anyone would want to recruit us :D Our highest ranked classes are around lvl 47, so we dont have much gear and what not but i guess we are mainly looking for some friendly people who could have some patience with us and helps us learn the game again as lots has changed since we stopped playing. We are on Spirits Rests btw. Thanks, lmk if your interested.
  5. Hi i received an email saying that i can get premium and a pet for taking part in the new class soul fighter, and it is asking me to login to accept the reward, i dont have a picture but has anybody else had this email? Thanks krozz.
  6. Hi just a question or an idea which as probably been said before but just in case, will we ever get an arena where everyone will be given the same amount of skill points and hm skills, i feel like this game would be so much easier to play as i personally and im sure a few other people dont want to be grinding down pve just to have a better chance in arena. Also does anyone know if this will become a reality? Thanks KroZz
  7. Hi, when i first started the game i sold them and i want to get them back, i know i can get them from the jadestone village merchant however i dont know how to get the viridan valor stones because i only have 5 xD is there anyway of getting the stones?
  8. Hi, Now and then when i try to login i get a message saying that i need to check my email for a verification code in order to login, i think its to do with my account being logged in by another location and then states the IP of who apparently logged into my account. However it is the same IP as mine but just different ports. I'm a noob at this stuff so just need some input on whether i should be concerned about this, i also blocked the ports but it still continued. Cheers, Krozz :D
  9. Ahhh right okay so if i use any of them i will technically dodge it?
  10. Okay thanks for information gave me an insight of how to actually counter it :)) and this will be a stupid question but what does iframe mean?
  11. I play a blade master and mostly get shat on by blade dancers, summoners and destroyers, its mainly their spins that i cant get my head around how to counter and ive looked for videos but they are on different patches so i dont have a clue, i looked at the new patch notes and noticed they dont seem to have any significant buffs added to them, i could be wrong though as i am new to the game and dont completely understand what is relevant and which is not :))
  12. New assassin patch notes?

    blade dancers also got a few buffs im sure to get a brain tumour from playing against them now :((