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Hi, I was wondering what a new player should focus on doing in the game after completing the main story. I'm kinda lost as to where to go to gain more power, so an experienced advice would be appreciated. But please keep the community acronyms and terms to a minimum because I'm a newbie and I won't be able to understand you otherwise.

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Well lets see where to start... the order is not strict, so do what is possible. Also I assume you just got out of story and got nothing else, for more info you might want to post what you are wearing ;)


- get 6 gem slots on your weapon:

If you did not get 6 gem slots by chance from the one you got from the story, go to great harvest and keep purchasing chests (light or dark, depending on class) from the merchant    next to the wheel for naryu silver. If you don't have enough naryu silver right now, DO NOT upgrade your weapon and keep buying as you can till you get 6 slots. It gets so much more expensive otherwise


- upgrade your weapon till stage 9

That probably takes a while, and sure you should go higher afterwards, just here to set smaller goals ;) and till 9 it is super cheap with void fragments (there are two upgrade path, one using weapons and the other using void fragments), but it will still take some time. It is mostly cheap in perspective, as we needed about 100 more from everything ;)


- Pinnacle from dungeons

it is still slighty better than the seolak accessoiries and for the most part noone wants it, so if you see it grab it, but I don't think there is the need to farm hours for it, as the differences are small


- first elemental accessories

from dungeons like dark tomb (DT) you can get an elemental ring, earring is from... xanos (naryu sanctum, NS)? I think, not sure there. it always has the same name, but a different element, so watch out for your element ;) Also mostly not highly requested


- farm msp soul shields

msp is midnight sky plains, and it is a daily on the weekends (also double loot then). You might have trouble finding a group in the week, but on weekends you should be fine. The msp soul shield (from longgui) is the one you got from the story. Now you might ask, I got it, why farm for it? The thing is, I kinda doubt you got perfect stats on it ;) And as the next soul shields probably takes a while, getting nice stats on msp helps a lot.

You want to aim for crit rate and accuracy, while prioritising crit rate (perfect would be 125% accuracy, while about 120 is more than enough for that soul shield plus you should at least be close to 50% crit, everything above 50 is better, but as a first goal ;))

You get there two ways. One, you farm the soul shields, wear the ones with crit. If you got number 2 with crit and you get another 2 with crit as stat, you fuse them, just like you upgrade your weapons. But you can only fuse 2 with 2, 3 with 3 and so on. this will also improve your live and other stats. Two, you apply primers to the soul shield. Now as you will not be wearing it very long, you should only use the blue primers (in the dragon express, button in the low line of your inventory if you craft the components of from other players), probably crit ones, maybe a few accuracy, depending on what you got


- soul shield combination

some classes do not wear 8 pieces of msp soul shield, as the bonus is not that great. Some wear 5 pieces of msp and 3 pieces of soguns Lament (mostly called asura, the boss there)/Ebondrake Citadel/Naryu Sanctum, while the switch the pieces number 2,3 and4 (as you get the most accuracy this way). Depends on what you play ;)


- Dailies

depending on your time, try to do daily challenge, which includes ding 3 quest out of 9 (above your quest tracker on the right). The display in F8 is bugged at this moment, so you have to look at it before you enter F8 ;) Completing 3 quests gets you materials, experience charms, some gold depending how lucky you are, a daily changing loot (in 1 hour the flowers from msp), at the moment an event thingy (get to jadestone? in viridian coast to finish that) and, most importantly, solar energy. Plus gold from the dungeons itself. If you have more time, feel free to do purple dungeons. With story gear you should be fine with the looking for party (LFP) button up to foundry. Necropolis and nexus and the one under nexus are probably not so populated, you can skip them. For heavens mandate you need an orb, skip as well if not daily.


- Solar Energy

you get 4 or sometimes 5 for each daily challenge. Now what to use it for? You should aim at the badge first, as it will be actually helpful. After that, you can go for the gems (to wear, or to collect gem powder)


- Mystic badge

in the celestial besain (where you farm peaches) you can purchase a mystic badge. Find out wich one you need and try to get it, either great damage improve or helps you out otherwise (for most classes damage)


- weekly

just like the daily challenge, there is a weekly challenge. Some people search for 1k ap or more, just ignore those groups. You can definitly join them (3. tab in the daily challenge window). For weekly you have to complete 3 of the quest. Most people do not do pvp but the mini raids. They are not that hard if you do some basic things. I am just gonna link it here, as I wrote that one down before ;) it is  in the 4th post


- legendary accessories

as you get only one token for ring/neck/belt/bracelet now, farming is easier. What you want to do, finish the quest "the dead don't die" (or something like that, you have to do soguns lament up to foundry, then 16. floor of mushin), which awards you 250 tokens. for one accessorie you need 200, so you basically already got one. You can get them in zaiwai in the market square. BUT, you need 10 runs in the corresponding dungeon. Your priority would be bracelet (Naryu Sanctum, 10 runs might be difficult, get that to a later point if not possible now) - necklace (Dark Tomb) - Belt (naryu foundry) - Ring (Ebondrake Citadel/EC, only if you got 200 spare ones, and do not upgrade it, so really about no priority). Do NEVER get the earring for tokens, it is crap. The ring is not really crap, but you get the next one rather soon, so no real point there. For tokens, run the easiest dungeon (If you can party protect EC, if not DT might be faster)


Of course afterwards you get to bt (skybreak spire?), but as a newbie that takes a while, so don't worry about it

You also want to upgrade your soul in the long run (first goal would be stage 6, afterwards you need uhm.. I forgot the english name ^^ anyway you get the material after stage 6 often from events, so you might want to wait there ;) )

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Thanks for your time, you're very helpful. I did get a 6 slot weapon, baleful for KFM, and upgrade it up to stage 3. I lack taihan's skin and moonstone crystals to upgrade further with void fragments and I'd run out of other materials before I could reach 9 even if I had them. The gems I'm using on it are just the square ones from post-story, save for a brilliant hexagonal emerald I got from the market which I probably shouldn't have bought considering it's mostly useless and I wasted 50g for it. As a soul shield I got Southern Tiger, I think it has pretty good stats for me but I'm not sure which ones I should look out for to replace it anyway. I guess I'll aim for better accessories first and that badge you mentioned and then we'll see.

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Thats a good start ;) 

Taihkan skin drops in shattered masts, or you buy it of the market (not sure where prices are right now). And by saying upgrading is easy I did not mean you get to stage 9 in one day ^^ you just will get there faster than the older players did, but it will still take some time, as you still need some stuff.

Yeah do not buy gems directly of the market, those are probably old gems, which are most likely uselees or overpriced... if you really want a hexagonal gem, check dragon express (which you really should do, just to get to know what is in there). the third tab is selling you hexagonal gems (useful ones) for 4 gem powder. It probably is too pricey for you right now, but if you want to aim for it, buy gem powder. Once you got your badge and get the pentagonal gems for solar energy, those can be salvaged for 1 gem powder, just a hint there ;)


But your way is fine, it is all about priorities, you cannot do everything at once.

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