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  1. I've seen players say that Magnum+Revelation is the best starting badge combination for fire KFM, but the more I see the description of Revelation and compare it to Skyrift the more I feel like Skyrift will help me more, and I have enough raven feathers to buy it while msp flower farming is taking a while. Is Magnum+Revelation really worth it?
  2. That time we actually managed to make it to the last boss with just HM8-9s but one of us quit (probably because he got pissed that everyone ran ahead and left him to deal with corridor mobs alone) and we were waiting for someone new to join up before we start. Then the carrier joined and proceeded to come to the boss room. He could leave if he didn't like it.
  3. Hah, this is pretty much what I'm doing right now. Though, the replies I'm getting are just adding fuel to the fire. @SalemK No, not all the time. I get occasional lag and screw it all up. My weapon is a 6 slot baleful stage 5 and accessories hollow, the rest everything the story gave me. I'm not struggling per se but the fatigue gets to me after multiple runs.
  4. Great, this became about me not knowing the mechanics AND my class. Guys, I know when to iframe and when to block, and I am fully aware that some bosses have a special phase where you have to do something specific in order to get them out of it or to survive it, I don't go in there blind. But it takes too long with my gear to drop anything, I can't be working my ass off extensively for every mob and the 300+ runs this game wants you to do to be able get any of the upgrades. It is NOT fun.
  5. You sound more butthurt than I am, haha. First of all, I am not complaining about my class, I could destroy anything with better gear. And secondly, the game always told me when I entered a dungeon that it might be too much for my level. It doesn't do that anymore, so how the hell am I supposed to know? Find out from pricks like you? And you're not making any sense at all, first you say don't jump onto NS early and then you say it can be done fresh out of the story. And no, the bid system is not fine. I shouldn't have to pay for something I worked for and it makes playi
  6. So it's become apparent to me coming fresh out of the story that you have to get carried by high level players in order to be able to get any upgrades from the end-game dungeons. The difficulty spiked from being able to barely solo everything to barely surviving anything. And I am playing a KFM, so without many upgrades to swiftly dispatch enemies every fight is like a struggle, trying to do combos while moving and dodging meanwhile everyone in my house is wondering if I'm typing on a keyboard or hammering nails with how much noise I'm making. I know, in the end it's an mmo and you have to par
  7. Thanks for your time, you're very helpful. I did get a 6 slot weapon, baleful for KFM, and upgrade it up to stage 3. I lack taihan's skin and moonstone crystals to upgrade further with void fragments and I'd run out of other materials before I could reach 9 even if I had them. The gems I'm using on it are just the square ones from post-story, save for a brilliant hexagonal emerald I got from the market which I probably shouldn't have bought considering it's mostly useless and I wasted 50g for it. As a soul shield I got Southern Tiger, I think it has pretty good stats for me but I'm not sure wh
  8. Hi, I was wondering what a new player should focus on doing in the game after completing the main story. I'm kinda lost as to where to go to gain more power, so an experienced advice would be appreciated. But please keep the community acronyms and terms to a minimum because I'm a newbie and I won't be able to understand you otherwise.
  9. Have you done it recently and got it? I'm curious because in older versions the chest had gems as well according to some outdated guides, but I always get healing tonics. EDIT: Oh, and according to those outdated guides and the ingame description you have to craft Burning Flames outfit but I got it as drop from the infernal lord. EDIT 2: Never mind, it spawned after 60ish tries. I got it finally. :P
  10. I just want to confirm whether or not you can loot this adornment from the same chest with the latest patches. The spider miniboss has spawned a few times but I got only healing tonics from the chest in the left. Is it still here?
  11. Nice, thanks. I was really confused.
  12. Ah, now I get it. And does it ever go back to allocating EXP to HM after I hit 55, or will it only gain EXP with hongmoon XP charms?
  13. I'm not sure if this is normal (as I am a newbie) but my HM progress started at 50 and all the EXP goes there now. Wasn't that supposed to start at 55 or am I missing something?
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