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Login reward bug, pleas help

Marqos IV

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It seems that this issue is making the rounds.  My roommate and I have both experienced this issue -- some days it works, on others, it doesn't.  I've reported it for my account, but there is yet no resolution.  Hopefully they will address this issue soon, and I hope it doesn't have to wait for the next scheduled maintenance. 

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Quick question guys,

Are you guys Premium users?

My partner and I are playing this game, I am on premium and she is not. 

Since day 1 till now, she has no difficulty collecting the rewards. Almost everyday, I face issue. I can only collect it like 4-5 hours before server resets.


Not sure if this is related. But no harm knowing.

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This bug still exists and has not been fixed!


Basically, if you claim the login rewards after midnight server time, then it does not properly reset at 6 am server time.  Then you will not be able to claim any login rewards the following day, even if you wait until after midnight.  You have to wait until 6 am of the next day following that for the rewards to reset again.  What this means:  For those of us on the West coast who play late at night, we can only collect login rewards once every other day.  Frustrating. 


Also, this is not listed under the "Known Issues" thread in the General Forum.  Can we please get it added to the Known Issues so we can get a fix?

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