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  1. im having this problem now, i alredy send a ticket -.-
  2. >u< i wish they add all the hairstyles for all races TT_TT but i think that never gonna hapend :C
  3. there a lot of games with violence and more than this event, but its up to the community make it more easy for all, today players take some channels and respect each others (something curious to see) (and yeah, eventually some ppl come to disturb, but it ok) and make a lines for spin everyone... well, like i said in other post, i was very surprised with that, so it's up to the community, everyone want the same, so ppl start to organize it, and it works, some ch for masacres and achievements, others ch for spin the wheel and collect our items, but... yeah, im curious how much time we gonna enjo
  4. yesterday i was lost my hopes in bns community, but today, a totally different community was there, its amazing, yes, allways some idiot will go and disturb, but i never thinking players gonna do it and work together, it was very surprising ^^
  5. ^ T H I S!!! JUST THIS! is sad, BUT SO TRUE. i hate this
  6. to many tardeds there... spin the wheel is a pain, when finally i can get one, some idiot drop me a bomb, i lost the only 2 chances in 1 hour i got, im out of this "event"""""
  7. i only got gems and powders
  8. sry but....ur wrong. here ur ap doesn't count, when u join, all pt members get the same ap/def/hp- ppl need brains in this event (and isn't anything impossible, just cc, and timing to mech) :3 and u can use some food for help that hp/ap
  9. i like this event ♥ thnx! DO NOT NERF IT PLEASE! >3<
  10. yeah, i hope they add this again </3
  11. i don't use any program, and after the update i can farm anymore in Basin!!! got some lag or something, and my bf too and some friends.
  12. thnx for the 60 days, is more than i imagine, and like i see it, they don't have any obligation to give us anything for free so... thnx
  13. Like the tittle says, place this costume back please >u< :3
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