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  1. Hi everyone, We have open up a few more slots for recruitment. Singapore & Malaysian players welcomed :)
  2. We are still recruiting players from Singapore & Malaysia. To apply, please view clan rules for steps: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan
  3. Status update for June 2019. We are still recruiting Singapore & Malaysian members. Mains only - To apply, please view clan rules for steps: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan
  4. Well, with the server's merger, hopefully more players will be under one roof. We are still have a few slots for Singaporean & Malaysian players. Feel free to check our clan rules on how to join us :) http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you guys are doing well :) We have open up a few more slots for clan recruitment. Openings for Singaporean & Malaysian players, interested, please view our homepage clan rules section for more info to join. https://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan See you in game :)
  6. We just updated our raid schedule @ https://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/raids Welcoming all Singaporean and Malaysian Players :) To join, simply go to clan rules section of the homepage and see if it suits you :) Cya guys in game.
  7. Singaporean or Malaysian looking for a clan? Well we are opening recruitment for you :) Simply copy paste this link to view our clan rules on how to join us :) https://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home See ya in game soon!
  8. 【 TRINITY ORDER GUILD STATUS UPDATED 】 Hello Everyone, At this present moment, Trinity Order has departed from the lands of Blade & Soul. Therefore the guild is no longer active in recruiting. We want to thank all our members, friends, and even you who have just ventured into this channel for your interest and support throughout the four years since 2016. I am, however, delighted to share with you guys that Trinity Order is still going strong in the land of Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online is a Sandbox MMO where you are not restricted by a linear path of progres
  9. Hi Everyone, We have just free up a couple of inactive character slot from clan roster and are opening recruitment once again for Singapore & Malaysia players. To join us, click copy paste this link to your browser: http://bnstrinityorder.wixsite.com/home/clan Not sure why but suddenly can't hyperlink urls in this forum.
  10. Just an update. We have added TT - Twilight Temple to our clan dungeon raid and we are still recruiting. Singapore & Malaysian players only. Thank you
  11. Hey guys, While you guys are logging in all characters to click the daily trove, hope you guys can spare a couple of seconds to look through your storage and F6 mail/received items tabs. We are still looking for the Stylish Guerilla Bandana Design item (Only from Necropolis and Soguns Lament) Paying market price for the item if you have. Drop me a mail in game if you have it in case I am not online. Server NA : Zulia. In game name : Azurelise Thanks in advance guys. Item : ps: It is not the one in cold storage of F10 hongmoon st
  12. Thanks Mudpear for your support in this. As for now, just want to call out to any veteran players in Zulia (NA) server who might have ran sogun's lament or awaken necropolis previously in their mains or alts to check if they have the below item in their inventory/storage. if you do and willing to sell it, we would like to purchase it since we can't get RNG on our side nor is the developers able to put the item in Ncoin store. Private message me or mail me should i not be in game or did not respond. In game name: Azurelise Thanks
  13. Updated raid sessions which have been increase due to more active members joining the clan. Game Raids Our raid sessions will increase whenever more and more members require them, currently it is at: - 04 Sessions of all 5 Weekly Challenge Clan Raid (no more trap runs) XD - 04 Sessions of Skybreak Spire BT Raid (helping members gear up for VT & SK) - 02 Session of Vortex Temple VT Raid (for geared members) - 02 Scion's Keep Raid (for geared members) We are still recruiting, no gunners though. For how to join, see first post. Thanks
  14. well let me just be honest and say, i am not putting any hopes up on it being even on the department of being considered. i requested for one single item to be put on store which doesn't even affect game balance but only let us acquire clan costume, yet till date (1 month + 4 days) later, i am still seeing that (this forum is not vet through) / feedback is not heard / no one can be bothered about the community. Yups, so not hoping, but just want to see how this entire thing keeps going down.
  15. even when we want to pay for things, nothing gets done lol refer to: (its been 1 month + )
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